Haze: Air Pollution and Identity Card Number Assignment

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Bismillahirohmanirahim, first of all I give thanks to God because of the residence of grace and blessings I could complete the course work successfully. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lecturers, Mr. Carl Martin Albert for guiding me in carrying out this tasks. Would also like to thank my classmates who helped in creating this course work. Would also like to thank to all the individuals who helped me no matter both directly and indirectly.

Your services will not be forgotten by me. Final word from me, hopefully everyone involved in the implementation of the course work will be blessed by Allah STW. I hope the work of this course will be an avenue for me s a prospective teacher to develop appropriate personal before work and I also pray for friends so that they can take as much knowledge during the process Of completing this assignment. Insatiably.

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TASK 1: Information Gathering and Analysis’s 2: Written Essayists 3: oral presentations 4: written Reflection I INTRODUCTION Haze is no longer an issue at present underestimated. As we have seen recently, the occurrence of haze back hit our planet, particularly in Malaysia. For example, we can see haze in Peninsular Malaysia has resulted many schools were closed because of severe haze. In addition, cases of asthma are increasing especially among working adults. In addition, the workers take for granted about this problem and they do not wear masks as recommended by the health authorities and the government.

The case is made more acute when the respective Malaysian ego because they refused to use public transport instead they prefer to use their own car. This problem is aggravated when factories’ operators also do not want to shut down their stories for fear Of loss. These people are not actually entitled to live in Malaysia for being too selfish. However, now we give thanks because the case has been reduced haze and schools closed before it can be reopened. It is hoped that all the community work together to reduce this problem.

CONCEPT OF HAZE Haze is defined as a mixture of toxic gases and chemicals including magnesium. These materials are able to erode the surface of the lungs thus crippling the human respiratory system. Mixture of suspended particles will be more dangerous because it combines with factory and vehicle fumes intonating lead and nitrogen oxides that can cause brain disorders and lung disabilities. Particles that cause haze originating from many sources, some Of which are natural and anthropogenic. Natural resources are including oceans, forests and earth surface.

However, most of the particles are from human activities such as open burning, clearing of land, the use of motor vehicles and fuel combustion in industrial field. Looking back at the situation that has happened in the past, Malaysia had experienced this situation Julia 1997. Haze which lasted until September cause Karakas declared a state of emergency n 19 September 1997 when the API readings above 650 hazardous levels in recent history. The haze caused by burning down the forests in Indonesia that involves about 600 000 hectares.

Another haze problem we can see is around August 2005 which had a big impact on the country. Among the areas that suffered the problem is in Koala Lumps, Koala Clangor, Klan and others. All these areas are at an unhealthy level when the Air Pollutant Index (API) is at 100 and above. While the Indonesian burning down of forests in Aria, North Sumatra and Claimant spreading widely, it had become even more difficult to control. Since Malaysia and Indonesia is a neighborhood nation, the impact from Indonesia also hit Malaysia.

HAZE FACTORS Due to the haze problem itself, the first haze factor is human activity through the burning of massive forest without considering the impact on the environment. For example, thick smoke almost becomes an annual problem for Singapore and Malaysia, usually beginning in mid-year when farmers in Indonesia clean their farms by burning it. Information from the SEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre (CAMS) showed curl of smoke haze from the fires in Aria Province, Central Sumatra, Indonesia to the south west coast. This situation has given impact to Malaysia which is the worrisome haze problem.

In addition, factors that worsen the situation are the actions of society do uncontrollably open burning causing the haze situation to worsen. Open burning is done by the wish to eliminate any such rubbish or waste either individually or factory owners. For example, Some members of society do open burning in the back oftener own homes. They are too lazy to bring their garbage to landfills or waste recycling centre again and again. Same goes to the cloth factory owner, wood factory owner where they acted to burned their own waste products.

They are not responsible and do not care if the smoke from open burning gradually lead to haze. They also do not realize that smoke from burning is not going to be in a place but will be blown by the wind and cover a very wide area. Consequently, this resulted in open burning smoke into the air and cause haze. Furthermore, the increasing number of vehicles on the road that grow like mushrooms after the rain has caused severe haze in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are 9. 3 million vehicles on the road and has resulted in 16. 2 tons of carbon monoxide and dioxide produced two tons of sodium per day.

Traffic ingestion causes the haze to become more severe because the vehicle is not moving but produce smoke that pollute the air. Increasing number of vehicles on the road will cause the amount of smoke released from vehicle exhaust pipes rising and hovering in the atmosphere and the ozone layer is trapped and cannot go out into space. This causes the air to become thick and haze took place in our country. Last but not least, uncontrolled emissions from industrial sites such as industrial areas using coal and oil were the main cause of haze.

Selfish attitudes like this from the factories owners released fumes into the air and elute the air in our country. They are not willing to spend money to get the smoke filtering tools to filter the fumes from their factory when issued contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen which can cause the air becomes hazy. The situation worsens when there are those operators who install factory chimney that is too low to deliver toxic smoke into the air. Examples of industrial areas are Segundo in Sandman and the Klan Valley.

HAZE EFFECTS Hazy conditions pose many problems to all of us. It greatly affected the daily social and economic activities of the population. From children to adults, all feel the side effects of the haze. As a result of the haze, the school was also affected. This is because there are a number of schools have closed temporarily because of the worsening haze. According to the Straits Times news, there were 110 schools were closed down in Casemate, Juror. The worst effect happened when there was an asthmatic woman died due to the worsening haze.

Besides that, members of the public are the most susceptible to health problems such as asthma and wheezing. It will cause respiratory problems and lung infections due to haze. The materials contained in the haze such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide can cause he person who inhales it getting allergy problems. In addition, they also have a high risk for problem skin irritation, coughing and breathing problems. Critically speaking, it can damage the kidneys, lungs and brain of a person in a long time. This problem also caused our economy to decline.

Because tourism is one of our nation’s incomes, many tourists avoid traveling to Malaysia because the haze is getting worse and they fear if getting some serious illness. In social terms, the population of the area that suffered from severe haze, are advised to refrain from outdoor activities such as jogging or irking together. This in turn will affect the friendship within the community. As such, this phenomenon is directly having an impact on the environment view for example, making vision blurry and unclear, particularly the situation in the streets and public areas.

This stems from a combination of haze and smoke emissions make the air quality is getting polluted. Blurred vision will cause road accidents and traffic congestion because drivers cannot predict the exact distance of other vehicles nearby. WAYS TO OVERCOME HAZE One of the main ways to overcome this problem is avoid open burning of waste. This is because most of the haze caused by this problem. In addition, the increase in motor vehicles is also a major source of particulate matter in urban haze. Therefore, the motor vehicle must be maintained in good condition as well as choosing low fuel pollutants content.

Extensive land clearing is not only causing soil erosion and degradation, but also a source of particulates in the atmosphere. Making promotion Of tree planting and land clearing can reduce haze. Each individual has a role to maintain the quality of the environment as the heritage for future generations. Collective action with he use of fire extinguishers and scientifically sophisticated can help reduce the haze problem. Besides that strict laws should be imposed on the particular company or intentional burning of forest for agricultural purposes.

Next, the air pollutants should be reduced to avoid the haze problem in our country. Increase traffic congestion carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which adds to the haze. Therefore, the number of vehicles using the road, especially in areas such as Koala Lumps involved should be blocked or reduced. In addition, the haze can be removed by cloud seeding in order for it to rain. Rain is a natural air purifier best. The Department of Environment have teamed up with Pancake Niagara Sad. Ltd. Has been doing a series of cloud seeding.

Apart from that, the haze can also be reduced by using the Air Pollution Index (API) to identify problem areas and take action to address the haze problem. Index reading should be done from time to time in order to attempt to limit production factories of excessive smoke or gas can be done. Haze problem can also be solved by consensus between neighboring countries and at the global level to address environmental problems. Cooperation can be done in terms of environmental protection and the elective scientific studies intensified to tackle this problem.

READER RESPONSE Now days, haze had become one great issue because of the recent haze that occurred in Malaysia. Haze for me is not only a pollution but I do think that this is one disease that effects a lot of people in Malaysia. Before this, haze can only be seen in urban environments but now, it can also be observed in rural areas. Haze is one of the air pollution ‘children’. This problem happened when people start open burning, deforestation and so on. Don’t get shock because haze is also contributed by our neighborhood country, which is Indonesia.

Based on the articles that had reviewed, was very shocked to know that the recently haze that occurred in Malaysia had caused many negative impacts to the environment. According to The New Straits Times, one of the effect was about 110 schools were closed in Juror, 300 schools in Jota Timing, Pontiac and Paisa Guiding and 313 schools in Malaria. Altogether, this has brought a number of 134 872 students that cannot go to school. This was a very serious matter for me because it will disrupt the learning process for students who will be sitting important exams such as SHIPS, MR., SUM and STEP.

When they cannot go into the school, they also exposed to a high risk activities such as smoking, drugs and socialism. Apart from that, there was also another thing that makes me sad and surprised when I read The New Straits Times article that the recently haze caused a woman who suffered from asthma died due to severe haze that has increased her misery. Haze is a matter that never caused a death before. Once, there was also a very worse haze problem back on August 2003 in Malaysia but still, there was no lives taken due to that problem. When I read the article, I felt really sorry for her.

Imagine if we were in her place, suffer from asthma and then burden by the haze problem. Besides that, the recently haze also caused the Air Pollution Index (API) increased drastically. According to The Malaysian Insider, on 22nd of July 2013, the worst hit of API reading was in Bucket Rumba (1 19), Banning (1 1 0), Muar (103) and Cheers (1 10). On 24th of August, the index had reached to 746 in Muar. API and above means hazardous. Hazardous will lead to a very worse sickness. Imagine, if that was Juror, what about the other state in Malaysia?

This reading actually makes me so worried because it can threaten people health specially to the members of public who are very susceptible to disease. Finally, really hope that due to this haze problem, it will not affect the good relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia. Because, The Star Online claimed that this haze problem started from Indonesia where the people starts to clear and burn down forests. If this problem continues and continues without further discussion, this can really affect not only Malaysia but also Singapore.

Speaking of ways to discuss, I do think that this 3 country should sit on One table so that there will be no extra problem regarding to this issue. To put in a nutshell, this haze problem, there were a very large number that had being affected due to this problem. We, as the citizen of Malaysia should have the awareness and strive to reduce this problem. Stop open burning! Stop pollution! Same goes to the proverb, “where’s a will, there’s a way’. If we just stare this problem and not start to do the right things, who else?

We should co-operate and support on car-pooling, planting new trees and so on. CLOSING Haze or pollution is not a situation that should be disputed whether human or natural terms. We as human beings need to be wise to manage any ministrations that can undermine the universal harmony. To overcome this problem, an effective strategy must be implemented to ensure that this incident will not happen again. The first step to be considered is to create self- awareness in them. Positive values of norms stemming from internal positive attitudes that is able to control all acts or thoughts.

Through these values, individuals would be wise to undergo daily lives by doing things that need to be alone and not do something that damages the environment. I really hope that all people, whether in Malaysia or in Indonesia co-operate together to pep maintaining our earth so that all of us can live happily with no pollutions. REFLECTION Thank God, I finally managed to complete this task well. I take this opportunity to express my experience over these assignments. Before starting this assignment, was looking for information from several sources on the internet.

Unfortunately, the trip was slow due to the ‘Peg’s internet and had to wait more than 10 minutes to wait for a website to open. However, there’s one thing I learned from this situation that is being patient. This attribute should be within the individual students so that they will not easily ad. This attribute is also important in building positive character in us. In addition, also find books on my task title, but the three books I should borrow from the library from the help of Whoopee, only one book that I found. This incident taught me to be more efficient in doing things.

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches worms. In the meantime, since I’m doing half the work at home, I got a bit of disorders in which, my small nieces keep bothering me because they want to play with me. This made me realize that time is very important and I need to be wise to divide my time as a student to y family and my work. In addition, I also came to understand more deeply about the topic I select that is ‘Haze’. I honestly have to say that over the years just took for granted about this but when did research on this matter, I am very surprised that a lot of the negative impacts that occur due to the haze.

According to The News Straits Times, one of the impacts was when a woman who suffers from asthma died due to the recently occurred haze. I am really sad to hear about this news because can really imagine that if the woman was my family members, I will be blaming the government because they did to take early precautions on this matter. Meanwhile, I also expressed my condolences to those family members who just lost their family. This incident taught me to be more careful when there is pollution that happened around my area.

Apart from that, also felt sympathy to those pupils where they cannot study when this haze problem occurred. Again, as claimed by The News Strait Times, there were a large number of schools which has been closed in peninsula Malaysia. Began to feel very grateful because live Saba. I couldn’t imagine my life if were in their places where I cannot study or days with my friends and my teachers. Although they can study in their home but it’s just not the same studying with the others. Its not just about friends or teachers but it is about experienced that they will miss when they cannot go to school.

Other than that, I am also proud to our country, Malaysia when they make decision to talk to our neighborhood country that is Indonesia. They make this drastic decision due to the worsening haze. For your information, as state in The Star Online, the haze that occurred in Malaysia has a connection with Indonesia because the people in Indonesia do he clearing and burning of forests. This has caused the smoke travel from Indonesia to Malaysia. Besides that, also did some research on the Air Pollution Index (API) and of course, once again I almost faint to see the reading because some of the reading pass over the hazardous level.

You see, when the reading reached the hazardous scale, it’s mean that the state is in danger and the people who live there must stay in their house and to those who are working, they should wear a face mask to cover their nose and their mouth so that they don’t inhale the excessive dust. Well, the conclusion is I pope that all of the people in Malaysia have the awareness inside them so that they can help to not do things that can cause haze and do things that can help to reduce pollutions. As the saying goes, Winner’s the will, there’s a ways. There a more than a million people who live in Malaysia so it is not possible if half of us do things that can save the earth, starting from today. Really would like to see our earth becomes clean and free from pollution such as Japan. Instead, I am strongly recommended to the people of Malaysia make Japan as a role model in maintaining our country clean and free from pollution. In there way, we should start to reduce the air pollution by carpooling, reducing the amount of CIFS uses, plant more tress in our country and many more.

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