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For the following discussion, you will be provided with a hypothetical situation that may sound ridiculous, impossible, and/or preposterous. For the purpose of this assignment assume that this situation could happen. Fully discuss the Implications of the situation. Your teenage son has been working for several weeks as a waiter at “Cook of the Walk,” a new bar/restaurant In the area.

Although he Is making good money, you are worried about some of the things he Is telling you about his work environment. He was very uncomfortable when he found out that his uniform insists only of a small, tight pair of men’s bike shorts with the phrase, “cook of the walk” printed on the waistband, and his name printed on the backside. In addition, customers frequently touch his chest (or elsewhere! ) while he takes orders and waits on them. The party atmosphere is carried a little too far by some of the clientele and alcohol seems to make the situation worse.

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He has received many unwanted sexual offers and has been the butt of sexual jokes. Most customers call him “bob rather than his name. His supervisors are less than sympathetic and tell him, “Customers re always right; do what it takes to make them happy. ” He is very unhappy and wants your advice about the following issues. Answer each of the following questions. He knows he feels stressed out and wants to avoid going to work, but can’t put a finger on why he feels the way he does. What do you think is contributing to his anxiety?

Well there touching him in weird areas while making orders and they are making fun of him and also calling him boy. 2. He is considering quitting this Job, but the money is really good. Should he quit and get a Job making less money? What factors would influence your decision to advise IM to quit or stay? Well If he Is living at home can afford to live at home to find a new Job that pays the same or if he has bills to pay he might have to stay at this Job until he finds a better lobs that pays more or the same. . If the situation were the same, except your son was a daughter (who worked at a similar type of restaurant which emphasized female sexuality would your advice change? If so, how would It change? Yes, due to the fact that a man can stand up for himself and women might not be able to and a women Is to be treated with respect and not to be touched while taking orders. 4. Well if he was older than assume 21 then he should be able to make his own decisions. 5.

If your son (or daughter) was not upset about his or her treatment at work, would you still be upset? Why or why not? I would be upset and tell them how I feel and hopefully they would understand my concerns. 6. Is it “damaging” to the person targeted (I. E. , the waiter) to be treated as a sexual object? Is it “damaging” to the person targeting the waiter (I. E. , the customer) to treat him or her as a sexual object? Is it morally ethical to treat people as sexual objects, even if they do not seem to mind? Why or why not?

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