Gun control Assignment

Gun control Assignment Words: 252

Name of Article: Author’s Name: Day: Publication/Source of Article: Case Studies Defined: A case study is a form of qualitative descriptive research that is used to look at certain phenomena, individuals, or groups as a whole. “Critical Instance” case studies are ones that examine one or more sites or articles for either the purpose of examining a situation of unique Interest, with little to no Interest In enrolling, or calling Into question or challenge a highly generalized or universal assertion.

Case Study Assignment Directions & Instructions: Step 1: Your task is to read and to analyze a “critical instance” case-study article that was either selected by you, or given to you by your instructor. Step 2: After reading & analyzing the assigned article, please type your personal responses, as completely as possible, on a separate sheet of paper. Or, you may write directly onto this sheet (use the front & back): 1 Briefly state what are the two-three (2-3) mall points of your selected case study article as you understand them to be?

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A) B) C) 2 Briefly list out one-three (1-3) of the primary reasons why you “strongly agree” with the merits of the case study: 3 Next, please respond by listing out the top two-three (2-3) reasons why you “strongly disagree” with the merits of the topics presented in your case-study: 4 Finally, List out one-two (1-2) new “personal or academic insights, views, awareness, or epiphanies” that you’ve discovered from reading this case study or found in your research.

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