Grade 10 History Summative Assignment

Grade 10 History Summative Assignment Words: 494

Canadian History Summative For your summative you are being asked to create a video that addresses and reflects the Canadian identity. The final version of your video (made using iMovie) is up to you and your group; however, the product must consider the following: What is the Canadian identity? • Include references to specific people, events, themes, legislation, works of art, music, landform or commentary that reflect the identity of Canada. • There is really no limit to what could be included, but you should ask yourself at all times what is the historical significance of the topic under consideration for inclusion in the video. These topics do not necessarily have to have been covered in class. (As Mark Twain once said, “Don’t let your classes get in the way of your education. “) But the chosen topics need to relate to the Canadian identity and the course we studied. This summative is not about the teacher telling you what to do. It is for you to think about what you have learned and to reflect upon the meaning of the Canadian identity. How has the country come to be what it is? Responsibilities Everyone will need to share equally in the planning and execution of the video.

Some students may have particular strengths at different points in the process of completing the assignment and those strengths should be utilized. Work as a team. Each student, however, is responsible for demonstrating his or her knowledge and thinking in the video. Each student must contribute on screen two specific pieces of content that deal with the Canadian identity. For example, a student might decide that somehow Vimy Ridge should be mentioned in the piece. That would count as one piece of content.

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How your group decides to structure the video is entirely up to you. I encourage you to be creative, informative, thoughtful, interesting, engaging and insightful. Evaluation Part I: Students will be evaluated on an individual basis for their performance on camera. The knowledge, thinking, and application you display as well as your communication skills will be marked, so each member of the group must ensure his or her voice is heard. That is your individual responsibility. You may work on the videos at any time.

The afternoon of Tuesday, July 27 and part of the morning and afternoon of July 28 will be devoted to the planning, filming, editing and presenting of the videos. It is best that you consider the limited time we have so that you can complete the video in time. Less can be more. Part II: There will be a small written component to the summative which will address aspects of why you chose the topics you included in your video. You may need to be able comment on all of the topics chosen in your video. This written portion will not take more than 30 minutes to complete and it will be done in class on Wednesday, July 28.

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