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I introduced a game of “fairy steps, giant steps” in which he gradually approached the room. After several lessons this child with profound behavioral difficulties walked straight in. Interpersonal: Whilst on placement with the Portage department at Crinkles Council visited parents in their homes to advise and support. I built rapport rapidly with both parents and children with techniques such as commenting positively and making small talk.

A good relationship is essential to ensure an appropriate programmer is in place to support each child. Communication: Seminars are an integral part of my course. When preparing a presentation for a seminar I ensure understand the information, hind about the key points I want to present and ensure I have any materials to back up what am saying. I feel communication is as much about listening so I ensure I built in time for people to question and raise issues. Organization: Combining part time work, voluntary activities and my degree requires excellent organizational skills. Manage this by working out detailed ‘to do’ lists with dates and times on. I combine this with a detailed study/ work diary which details key events such as assignment hand in dates. Education Currently studying: BAA (Hon.) Childhood Studies deeds Metropolitan University Studying child growth and development in the context of different social, psychological, and cultural perspectives and policies. Eave participated in two work placements i) working in the Portage Department at Crinkles Metropolitan Council where I was attached to a Portage Home Visitor and ii) working as a Non Teaching Assistant with the Additional Student Support team at a Middle School in Bradford. My final year dissertation is based on early intervention strategies for pre-school children and their families. Already gained: Sheffield City College: 2003-2005 Murdering School: 1998-2003 ENVY Advanced Health and Social Care Merit 7 Gases Inc.

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Social Studies (B), Art (B), English Literature (C), English Language (C), Math’s (D), Double Science (D,D) Work Experience: Working with Children Murdering Primary School Learning Support Assistant 2005-2007 Supported a pupil with moderate learning difficulties through key stage 1 Worked closely with class teacher and school education psychologist. Helped pupil improve reading, writing and innumeracy by adapting classroom activities and focusing on learning through play and creativity. Mrs. C Borough Children/Babysitter 2004-2005 Cared for two primary school children three evenings a week.

Responsible for collecting them from school, ensuring a safe, supportive environment until parents returned from work. Encouraged them to spend their time constructively, painting, playing and reading. Huntley Methodist Church Sunday School Leader 2005-present Organize children’s activities every Sunday morning. The group size varies from 3 – 8 and age ranges are from 2 – 12. Activities are related to the church calendar and involve drama, arts and crafts and reading. Work Experience: Customer Service / Hospitality Harvester Restaurant Waitress/Bar Staff 2001-2005

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