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The Holy Spirit flew in like a dove and God the Father’s voice was heard. Matthew 28:16-20 – Jesus was the authority of all the Heavens and Earth. Jesus appointed the disciples to go to the mountain. Then sent them out into the world to make his name known to all and to baptize them. He told them he would always be with them until the end. I Corinthians 12:3-6 – Confusing Jesus as Lord was saying that Jesus was God. There are different denominations, but only one God. If a person confessed Jesus is Lord they were considered to be led by the Spirit of God.

John 1:1-5 – Jesus has always existed and will exist eternally. Everything was made by God and without Him nothing would have been made. Jesus took on a human body and let his light shine so He could redeem mankind. John 17:20-26 – Jesus prayed to God for all believers who would come to know him and love Him. He prayed that they would all know that God love them just as He had loved Jesus. 2 Corinthians 13:14 – Paul was telling the church of Corinth how to live, be saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the six passages above might shape the

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Christian worldview: These passages show that Jesus was sent to live as a human to show us how we are supposed to live and guide us in the way God would have us to go. It shows Christians how Jesus was the Son of God and could pray on our behalf to help save us from our own sins. Lastly, it says that we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit and live as Christians. Give a brief summary after each passage listed below. Creation: Genesis 1 and 2 – The creation of the world by God in six days and to rest on the Sabbath or seventh day.

He created woman for man and intended them o live as one flesh, joined together, and leave their mother and father to be their own family. Some suggest that God had some unfinished business in between verses 1 and 2 before he could finish his great works. The Spirit is represented as God’s helper or agent. Romans 8:18-25 – Paul compared the sufferings of the present with the past and the hope for the future. He had suffered greatly for the sake Of the Gospel, but that would be nothing compared to the glory he would experience one day.

He said the believers had received the first fruits as God’s down payment or guarantee of victory. Colombians 1:15-20 -? He refers to the image of the invisible God, the first born over all creation as the exact replica of God himself. All things were created by him and for him. He is our everything, our beginning and our end, and head of the church and family. Write 2-3 sentences explaining how the three passages immediately above might shape the Christian worldview: These passage show us that God is our all, our creator, and creator of all of the universe. He has always existed and will always exist.

They also show us that Our God will pay us with Eternity if we will just believe in him. See Part 2 of this assignment on the next page. Part 2 – Journal on the Nature of the Universe Use the space below to compose a journal of 250-500 words on God and the nature of the universe by answering the following: What do you believe about God and the nature of the universe after this week’s class interaction? (Hint: You can reference the Lecture 3) How does your view compare to a Christian worldview? PAP is not required for this assignment but solid academic writing is expected.

After this week’s lesson and information reviewed, now believe in my Christian worldview more than ever. There is an absolute God, he lacks for nothing, and can give everything we need. He is our creator and the creator of everything from nothing. Which would also tell us that He is all powerful. The Christian world view can be tested and defined by us. Unlike some of the Naturalist beliefs that cannot be proven by the laws of nature. God is predictable and the bible tells us exactly what we can always expect from him. He created us in his own image and created a partner for us to live in one flesh with for all our years.

We are all to be humble and honor and aspect others in life just as He does us. We should show even the weak and poor the utmost respect and dignity that God would show us when we are weak and fail him. Do not feel like nature could have created such complex creatures and not have an explanation for us to prove it. We should always involve God in our everyday decisions and the even more life changing ones as well. We should always ask God for his guidance throughout our life and live as he has commanded us to do. We are made of a sin nature in our flesh and will always fall short of the glory of God.

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