Gesford Time Management Plan Assignment

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Time Management Plan Post university I would have to say that completing the time management plan was insightful and challenging. Characterizing my time management skills has also been challenging, but because of the assignment I would characterize my time management skill as a non-scheduler. With my current duties as an Equal Opportunity Advisor my daily task change daily and there are always things that haven’t been expected that pop up. Dealing with surprises and distractions has become second nature to me.

As dated in the previous paragraph, my daily task change daily, so I believe the only thing I could do to better deal with these surprises is leave open space throughout my tentative plan to allow for these surprises when they occur. Balancing competing priorities is somewhat easy for me, in my current duties, report directly to the Division Commanding General so anything that is linked to him is my top priority. There is only one thing that get prioritize above the Commanding General and that would be a Soldier who is filing an equal opportunity complaint.

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When a Soldier files an equal opportunity complaint, everything else stops, and the Commanding General knows and understands that. If I had been a better time manager throughout my career, I would have already completed this degree. However, I was not and didn’t even start; this is my first semester of college. If had more time at my disposal, will accomplish my goal of achieving this degree and becoming the first family member to graduate with a 4 year degree.

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