Five things I believe to be true Assignment

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The things which I know to be true , are not Just outcome of thinking for a minute and writing something Just to accomplish assignment. But these are actually results of the analysis of various incidences happened in my life, the problems I faced. So among all I give my first priority to the existence of god. In life, most of the times I used to neglect existence of this so called ‘super natural power’.

But later on thing hanged and I started to believe its presence around me . Many difficult situations I faced with belief that he would surely show me the way and most of the times it happened also. I believe that he is there for welfare of me always. Most often we encounter an idiom time is the best healer’ and I believe it strongly. Most of the times I start to suffer intense frustration(even though I believe in god), at such odd times I prefer to be alone, all alone.

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Every consoling mouth appears like bullet firing un to me. It is only time’ which heals me back to my normal movements. I believe that being nice and caring to everyone doesn’t ensure that I get same things in return always, sometimes not even from closed ones. It doesn’t mean that I expect something for my good deeds because then I would not feel any difference between me and such people. I believe my mom to be the reincarnation of Zansi ki rani Laxmibai as her life had been like a battle.

She describes me the difficult and intense ituations she had faced in her life and still how she managed to nurture my sisters and me with high moral and life values. It feels like she has solution to every problem or I can say she has guts to face them. Last thing I mention I believe is, giving in adverse situation only, earns full reward for donor. Giving a roti from a plate full of delicious food, once we are done with meal is not a big deal but sharing few morsels with the needy out of what limited you have in your plate, has more importance in my perspective.

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