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Finding True Love Love, love, love, people are so in love this days. It seems like finding love is no big deal at all. It seems like love is in front of you and all you have to do is grab the opportunity and have it. Maybe true love has vanished into darkness. Maybe it is hate that’s been controlling us inside. “love is like a rosary, full of mysteries. ” Indeed, love is a mystery people can’t find by simply adding numbers. Not like ailments or JIFF sightings, love can’t be explained scientifically. Love is simply a curse that binds us humans to different beings here on earth. True love. What does this mean?

It is the gravitational force hearts create connecting two people in love. Simply, true love is a high level human interaction. But how? How can we find it? When can we say that “THIS IS LOVE”? Reality check, 99% of beings here on earth experienced heartache and only a percent experienced a perfect love life. Maybe this 1% is the secluded portion on earth. We have defined love as a mystery, a puzzle, and a ton of maybes. But the truth is that when we love, we are getting hurt on the process. Love may be a hurtful experience of a person. It maybe the worst, but hurt is just the beginning. It would go smoothly as we proceed. Humans learn to hate then maybe we can learn to love. Learning and loving is both hard to do. But if we patiently wait, love will bloom all the way. Many couples nowadays forbid this theory, but it is just the reality. You can’t just have 50 years with your love one without spending each day learning her likes, his stories, her little dirty secrets… It’s just plainly learning. You just can’t find love only in a person. Your friends, family and God are examples of loving. Having your friends beside you states that they love you for who you really are. There is no compromise needed to form friendship. Another is your family.

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Your mom and dad are always there to support you in everything you do. Whether it is stupidly?like love– or sadness?like heartache?they are always there to guide you on your way. Lastly, your god. Whatever faith or god you devote to, love is present in it. Because believing is loving. What’s the purpose of loving the person if you don’t believe in his capabilities? Definitely love is not just within us, but is also present in other people. Smile and everything follows. When we smile, we see happiness on one’s face. But when we’re in love, nothing can replace that smile on our face. Finding true happiness is being in love. CE you are loved, no frowns can be found on our faces. And once we are loving someone, we endure in a special part of our lives which is the everlasting happiness. Even in the hardest parts of our lives, love is also present. Love is also shown once we are challenged by different obstacles in life. Somehow peace has been a vulnerable fruit us humans can’t bear. Our lives are fast forwarding and somewhat we can’t find serenity in all those works and assignments to be done. We just have to stay calm and be happy in everything we are going through, although sadness is to come. Love yourself like how you love others. It’s a major rule.

Loving others is just the same as loving yourself. Certainly, when you love or give something, they ,in return, will make their bests to show you their gratitude. So just be you. You can never be anybody else except you. Don’t push hard on yourself that your forgetting the major word “LOVE” With all those reasons and meanings, we surely have defined true love as something that no one can ever tear it away from us. And as the Battles song goes: ” nothing you can make that can’t be made.

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