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Discuss how Bill could use a constructive approach to conflict handling to respond to Jacks last comment. The main issue here is how the assess Jack Adams’ performance properly. The new district manager, Bill believes that the performance appraisal can legitimately reflect Jacks performance, which is 18% below quota, whereas Jack suspects that the new territory assignments has detrimental impact on his previous performance, as two major accounts has been taken away.

In this circumstance, collaboration is a proper negotiation style as Jacks performance is important to both did and the importance of their relationship. However, it seems that Bill does not pay enough attention to this relationship as he did not realize the value of Jack. What are the communication and critical thinking problems evident in this case?

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Lecture 2 Less active listing: they have listening barriers and they did not apply active listening skills Listening barriers: Bill has inadequate background information Bill is desire to ambush and criticism the speaker because he has stereotype on Jack before the conversation start Bill is under distraction because he wanted to finish the inversion in half an hour Active listing: Attending skills: eye contact, posture, body movement, personal space Encouraging skills: inviting the speaker to disclose more about their thought and feelings, without pressuring them Verbal attending response: “l see”, “mm”, “okay’ coupled with positive posture and body movement can encourage the speaker to continue. Ask encouraging questions: “so how did that make you feel? ” Reflecting skills: paraphrasing ” so what you say is … ” Lecture 4 Collaboration requires effective communication: Assertive statement: Bill has stereotype on Jack, before their conversation he believes that Jack did not work hard. Not proper body movements Bill raised his hand to interrupt Jack Jack folds his arms Not vocal tone should portray respect and confidence.

Bill cleared his voice Jack quietly answers (MFC¦gnu) Identify content and feeling through active listening Bill ignored Jacks exciting expression when mentioning the territory reassignments Principle negotiation requires time energy and commitment 1 separate people from issue Bill should analysis Jacks circumstance objectively focus on interests They focus on different interests (bill cares the figures only, Jack concerns the new territory assignments) 3 generate options No one generate options 4 evaluate options No evaluation Fast and slow thinking Bill use fast think all the time Jack tried to use slow think but it was too late People overstate dispositional or situational causes of their own and others’ behavior Fundamental attribution error Self-serving bias Jack balms the new territory assignments, think he did work hard as others Lecture 11 Bill should use supportive and participative styles

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