The Fault in our stars Assignment

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Assignment Dear Augustus, I miss you everyday. In the short time that we knew each other you became my saving grace, the reason that I wanted to wake up in the morning. You gave me purpose in my lonely life. Before I met you I rarely left my house, didn’t want to socialize with the world, but you brought me out of my shell and showed me how to enjoy life again. The things that I miss about you is limitless. Your kindness, generosity, and smile will forever be engraved in my heart.

Before you left, I couldn’t picture a world without you, now I am living in it. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember all of the amazing times we had together. Like the time you took me to Funky Bones Park and you coordinated a whole Dutch themed afternoon, accept for the tomatoes. That was the day that you told me that you were going to use your wish on me and take me to Amsterdam to meet Van Hooted. Although you made fun of me for using my wish to go to Disney Land, I couldn’t get upset because I knew this one loud be 1,000 times better.

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The trip to Amsterdam was one of a life time. Even though meeting Van Hooted did not go as we would liked we made a memory that we will never forget while at the Anne Frank Museum. When we finally reached the attic we kissed in front of all the other tourists and they began to clap for us saying “Bravo! “. I have no regrets about our relationship Augustus. We had our own little eternity together. I Just wish that I never had to end. Augustus I could spend everyday with o and never get tired of having you around me.

You brighten my days, you help me to see the good in every situation; to realize that life is not as bad as it seems, that there is always a silver lining. Your metaphors made me smile no matter if I disagreed with them or not. That is definitely one of the things that I miss most of all about you, your quick wits and never ending sarcasm. When your dad called me one day and said that he had found a notebook by your hospital bed with pages missing, I knew that I had to find them.

I had to know what your last words to me were. That’s when Isaac and I went to the support group to see if you had put them there somewhere but we found nothing. I had the idea that you may have mailed them to Van Hooted, so I e-mailed Lidless. She mailed me back the letter that you wrote to Van Hooted asking him to help you write my eulogy. You have left your mark Augustus Waters, you left a mark on me and I will never stop loving you. Okay. Love, Hazel Grace The Fault in our stars By erroneousness

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