Film Appreciation “Unbreakable” Assignment

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In the movie, “Unbreakable,” the theme takes us through a Journey between two characters struggling to find out, “What is their purpose in life? ” If David finds his purpose, then it also affirms Elijah’s. 2. Towards the beginning of the movie we are introduced to David. David is on a train sitting by the window when a woman asks to if she could sit next to him. David gets a glimpse of a tattoo on the woman while she puts her bag in the overhead bin. He quickly removes his wedding ring and slides it in his coat pocket.

He asks if she ould like to see the magazine and starts a conversation with her. The scene suggests his lust, and can assume his marriage is on the rocks. David seems to be depressed and unhappy with his life. You can see that he is distant, when they are reunited at the hospital. They hesitate hugging as if the feeling is mutual. When they get home, David says he probably did not get the Job. David needs to find out what is his purpose in life is but doesn’t know how or what it is. There was a card left on his windshield that had a question written in it.

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When David pursues to seek the answer he isn’t certain for sure if he ever gotten ill before. Joseph accompanies David to meet Elijah at his store, “Limited Edition. ” After Elijah and David meet for the first time David says, “Today was the first morning that I didn’t open my eyes and feel sadness. ” David thought that Elijah had an answer for him. How did he get out of the train unscaved and harmed. Was there more to it than Just luck? Elijah and David meet again. This time it was the evening after his son was going to shoot him. Joseph wanted to prove David could not be harmed and the bullet from the gun would Just bounce off him.

Back at the store Elijah stated, “that little bit of sadness… ou spoke of, I think I know what that is. Perhaps you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. ” Suggesting the reason why his normal life is unfulfilling and meaningless was because he had chosen a life that was normal. Then again on date night, he tells Audrey, “Somethings Just not right. ” He needs to find out in combination of his abilities what it all means. He accepts his abnormal strength and walking away from 2 accidents. He should have died or had considerable injuries but instead he was not harmed. 3. I found the opposing poles for this movie to be, destiny vs. revalence. David in as making him unhappy. His unhappiness was causing him to be distant with his family. He does not even want to stay in Philadelphia. He leaves to New York for an interview for a security Job, I’m sure there are other places he can do the same Job, but he chooses to leave and get away from the normalcy of his life. David sees how much he can bench press, the most he has ever lifted 370 pounds in the scene. He sees if his intuition, the vision he has when people brush against him, was in fact correct. He goes through and tests himself and realizes what he is able to do.

This brings him closer to the middle of the pole. He is more open towards his family. Going on date night and going to school because of Joseph. The willingness of David to attempt all these things is big. After the supreme ordeal his relationship with his family gets closer. He realizes that he is a hero, however needs to keep it a secret from his wife. He doesn’t go Jumping into creating a costume or telling his wife. He just tells her, “l had a bad dream,” and Audrey says, “It’s all over now. ” He shows Joseph the newspaper headline, “Saved,” affirming his role as a hero.

He goes and talks with Elijah, and Elijah asks, “tell me, when you woke up this morning were you till sad? ” David responds and tells him no. Elijah does not change in poles, he has accepted his destiny in search for his opposite. Therefore confirming he was not a mistake, but a reason why he exists. He commits acts of terrorism to find his opposite. Exploding the airplane, setting a hotel on fire, and tampering with the train controls so it derails, Just find, “sole survivor, escapes unharmed. ” There are moments where David’s doubts make Elijah depressed. He realizes what some of those doubts or holes were actually were or weren’t.

However that doesn’t stop Elijah from believing his destiny. . There were a few setups throughout the movie. Elijah’s first comic book had the super hero wearing a yellow suit and green suit fighting on the cover. We see again, this time Joseph playing with an action fgure. The action figure had a yellow suit with a green mask and cape. This then leads to David’s scene, where he goes out to test his abilities, and he wears his green poncho from his work as the outfit. This to me signified David becoming the super hero. Different forms of water was used all throughout the movie.

He says to Kelly, “l think I’m going to be a synchronized wimmer, do you think I’ll have a problem if I’m afraid of water? ” The nurse at Joseph’s school reminds David about the time where he drowned in the pool there. These things pop up and sets the character up for a foreshadowing scene. At the supreme ordeal in the inner most cave, David is pushed off the second story window by the criminal, and on top of a tarp of some sort. 5. IVe always enjoyed watching this film. As a child I liked reading comic books, and also enjoy watching them. This film is about the origin of a super hero and villain, how it might apply to the real world.

For this class assignment I got to explore deeper into the movie and examine the theme of, “what would it feel like to go around not knowing what you were to do with your life? ” Honestly I could connect with both characters on a personal level. The feeling withdrawn from people and even close people you know. While I was in the army and had served in Iraq there were days plan for me. I worked at the hospital in Iraq, so I saw a great deal of horrific causalities. The meaning of war and life carried a huge toll on me emotionally. Couldn’t understand it, but have accepted that some people die needlessly.

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