Famous African American Inventors Assignment

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When we think of inventions we often limit the concept to objects or tools that are patented to perform a specific task that is innovative . But a careful reading of the definition of invention reminds us that it can be a lot more. An invention can certainly be an object but it also includes the idea of a process or a technique. The key to something being considered an invention is the level of ingenuity and novelty that it attains.

Making a shift in not Just how to solve the problem but how to view or frame he problem is at the core of every good invention. The inventor manages to see something new and different which becomes the springboard for his invention. Such is the case of Max Roach. Last, but not least, is Mark Dean. Dean invented a microcomputer system which fueled the growth of the information sharing and technology industry. It is thanks to him that I am able to burn cad’s, listen to my music and print out homework assignments.

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His invention has enabled me to work as efficiently as I can in today’s modern technology driven lifestyle. When you look at the world around you there are so many things that have impacted our lives that have started out at ideas to solving problems in the mind of a single individual. In that sense you realize that we are all truly indebted to these people and at the same time we are part of this human collaboration of Innovation and Invention who’s one and only goal Is to further improve life for all human beings.

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