Lady Macbeth – William Shakespeare Assignment

Lady Macbeth – William Shakespeare Assignment Words: 433

I would show that power clearly by standing on the higher bevel of the stage than Macbeth is on and Increase the volume of my voice so that It seems that I give a very important direction. I would also evilly look straight Into Machete’s eyes so that he would be scared of Lady Macbeth. She Is directive. She predicts what is going to happen and tells Macbeth about It so both of them will do It or avoid It. She does that to make sure that Macbeth will do things In the same way she wants to see It and everything will happen In charge of her directions. She says

These deeds must not be thought after these ways; so, It will make us mad’ which shows that she is organized and has a clear Idea of their life. On the stage I would say it in a convincing voice to show that Lady Macbeth really knows what she is talking about. To the Word’ mad I would give a special tone to show how Lady Macbeth is obsessed about madness in her life. She seems to be stable in Act 2 Scene II in contrast to Macbeth who is paranoid after killing the king. Once he lost his voice, saying how he can’t pronounce Amen anymore, she seems to be bored with it.

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She is also cross at her husband for going mad instead of thinking straight. Once again she gives directions ‘consider it not so deeply’ so that we know that she doesn’t want to think about killing Duncan in that way and they should be happy from what has happened. She is well-organized and she knows what she wants to expect from life. She has this clear plan of killing the king and gaining the kingdom. She knows what can go wrong if she won’t follow the plan and she deals with any errors that may occur.

I’ll gild the faces from the grooms withal; for it must seem their guilt’ and ‘A little water clears us of these deeds’ shows how mad she is about getting kingdom that she lost and all the basic human rights and she tries to do everything to get what she wants. For that scene I would look directly into the audience, coming to the edge of the stage. I would like to show all the madness which is around Lady Macbeth and how cruel she can be in order to get the throne. That creates the spooky atmosphere throughout the scene.

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