Experimental Evidence for Aposematism in the Dendrobatid Assignment

Experimental Evidence for Aposematism in the Dendrobatid Assignment Words: 477

Ralph A. Aspirator, Rachel Cruncher, Marcus Roberts, Kenneth G. Grow, and Maureen A. Donnelly Journal: Copula Volume, year, pages: 4th, 2007, up. 1006-1011 Scientific Article Overview Download this document and type your answers after each question. For each question provide a brief but complete answer to the question (you should write in complete sentences and proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors). Note that the answer may be found in more than one place in the article.

Remember that you should write in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the article!!! If you copy and paste from the article or any other source, you will be cited for plagiarism. 1. Why is this research important? A. Because it advocates the hypothesis that frogs with striking colors are less likely to be attacked by predators. 2. What is the hypothesis or goal of the research? A. The hypothesis of the research is that bright coloration in denotation frogs has an episcopate effect to their predators. 3. Briefly, what are the major methods used? (Limit your answer to 5 sentences or ewer) A.

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First of all, 800 of plasticize frogs of red and brown colors were made in similar size to use in experiment. From June 14 to July 20 on 2006, those model frogs were placed on 40 transects, where many kinds of habitats reside including brown leaf-litter and white backgrounds. Both brown and white backgrounds are equally visible to predators and multiple marks on a single model are only counted as a single attack. After 48 hours, frog models were collected. 4. What are the major results? A. Brown-colored samples were likely to be attacked about twice higher than the rate f red-colored samples. 2% of the attack marks were committed by birds leaving U or V-shaped marks. 5. What conclusion did they make about their hypothesis/goal? A. Both striking- colored appearance and chemical defense in denotation frog are been accepted as an example of apostasies. Therefore, conspicuous colored frog is less likely to be attacked by its predators. 6. What new hypothesis/goal emerges from the results? A. The new goal is to find more components of the characteristics of U or V shapes from bird’s attacks as some information of those are lacking. 7.

If you wanted more background information on the topic, where would you look and which article would you read? A. To find more background information of this topic, one has to check Literature Cited section at the end of this article and read related articles. This assignment must be submitted in the ANGEL drop in your lab section and it is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment was submitted properly. Assignments that are not submitted properly will be considered late and will lose points according to the guidelines in the syllabus. See the lab syllabus for the due date.

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