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To complete this assignment, you will ask a scientific question, write a hypothesis, and design an experiment to test your hypothesis. Think about an observation you have made recently. What kind of question or problem was revealed by your observation? Write a hypothesis to address your question or problem. Then use the scientific method to design an experiment to answer this question or solve this problem. Record all the steps in your experiment. You do not actually have to do the experiment.

However, if you don’t perform the experiment, you must at least record the data that you might expect to gather if you had performed it. Use your common sense and Imagination to predict what might happen In the experiment. In order to receive full credit for your assignment, you must fill In all of the Information below. 1 . Describe your observation. A chef making a good gesture to one of his batch of cookies and a bad gesture to another batch of his cookies. (Chocolate Chip Cookies) 2. Record your question. What made one batch of cookies taste good and the other batch taste bad? Write your hypothesis. I predict that the cookie batch baked for a longer time will taste better then the cookies baked In less time. 4. What background Information do you need to know, or what research do you need to do? The type of Information I would need to know would be the Ideal time chocolate chip cookies should be left In the oven for, and how long the oven should be pre heated for. 5. Where could you find this information? I could find this information on the back of cookie dough packets or in the back of mostly any flour packet. 6. Describe your experiment.

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In my experiment I am going to be testing the taste of chocolate chip cookies, how they taste cooked at different times and which time is the ideal to have good tasting cookies. With a cookie dough packet I will split it in 2 and put them into separated cookie pan sheets and bake them each at different times. One batch of cookies Is going to be baked for 10 minutes and the other batch will be baked for 18 minutes. The oven will preheat for 10 minutes at 365 degrees. 7. What tools or supplies will you need? I am going to need 2 cookie sheets, one packet of chocolate chip cookie dough, and an oven.

I predict that the cookies that stay in longer will taste better and have a better texture than the ones who stayed in for 10 minutes. The first batch of cookies that I baked for 10 minutes at 365 degrees were very soft in the middle and golden on the edges the chocolate chips were very well melted but not to melted, I let them cool for 5 minutes and they were good to eat. They had a good texture and were sweet. The second batch of cookies I baked For 18 minutes at 365 degrees were a little more crunchier once they cooled, they were golden brown and crispy. 9. Use a chart or a graph to display your findings.

First Batch Second Batch Time 10 minutes 18 Minutes Temperature 365 Texture Soft and Brown Crispy and Golden Brown Cool time 5 minutes 10. Describe or perform any calculations you may need to do. 1 1 . Analyze your data. Did it support or disprove your hypothesis? The batch that tasted better was the 1st batch they were soft and sweet, the 2nd batch was to crispy. This disproves my hypothesis the batch that was baked under 10 minutes tasted better then the batch of cookies baked under 18 minutes.

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