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In the light of this, an experiment has been designed to see whether people’s rating on a product is influenced by the provision of the packaging of a famous brand. Experimental Design and Procedures In this experiment, the product used Is mall egg custard moonscapes of the restaurant “Spring Moon” from The Peninsula Hong Kong. The hypothesis is the packaging of a famous brand affects people’s rating on a particular food. The independent variable is the packaging of a famous brand.

Its operational definition is the packaging of ensconces from Spring Moon, which is a box showing the brand name clearly. The dependent variable is people’s rating on a particular food. Its operational definition Is to give marks on the taste of the moonscape, which Is rated by the participants. The full mark Is 10. The higher the marks, the tastier the moonscape Is. The experiment will be conducted in a mobile lorry. There will be only one participant and two observers inside the lorry. The target participants are adults from Hong Kong.

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Random sampling will be adopted. The lorry will be driven to different districts, so that 50 participants will be randomly chosen and invited to attend our experiment. Also, single-blind procedure will be used. Participants will not know the aims of this experiment. After choosing the participants, randomly assignment will be used to group the participants Into experimental group and control group. Each group will have 25 participants. For the experimental group, each participant will have to eat a moonscape provided with the packaging.

Before the experiment starts, the observers will emphasis the brand name by pointing it on the packaging, which ensures that participants know the brand. For the control group, each participant will have to eat a moonscape without any packaging. They will only be given a moonscape placed on a plate. The brand name will not be disclosed. After eating the moonscapes, they will have to rate on the moonscape’s taste. The full mark is 10. Higher mark means that the moonscape is tastier.

If the result shows that the average mark given by the experimental group is higher than that of control group, the hypothesis will be supported, indicating that the packaging of a famous brand does affect people’s rating on that product. There are some confounding variables in this experiment. For instance, some people do not like to eat moonscapes. Moreover, some people prefer moonscapes of other flavors. Besides, some people may be able to recognize the brand even the packaging is removed. In addition, some of them may not know the brand “Spring Moon”.

These problems can be solved by random sampling and random assignment, which are both used in this experiment. Code of Ethics There are some general principles of code of ethics that need to be followed. Since single-blind procedure is used, we need to do a debriefing with the participants after the experiment, so that they will not be harmed. Besides, the personal information of the participants and statistics collected in this experiment will be kept confidential. Conclusion In conclusion, this experiment is expected to bring out a fair and objective outcome that supports the hypothesis.

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