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Transferring ATA in the current system involves multiple parties. For example, an employee’s supervisor writes a written submission of changes to an employee’s personal information. The supervisor passes the information to an accounting clerk to enter the information into the system. The current system requires employees to receive approval from store managers for time sheets manually filled out by the employees each week; any corrections to time sheets must receive approval from the direct supervisor and the store manager.

In the current system, store managers are responsible for maintaining employee files in the respective stores cause there is no central file area; the files contain information about each employee, including job application, performance reviews, and disciplinary memos (if any). The files also contain requests for vacations and personal time off. A third party provider manages any workers’ compensation claims; the third party keeps its own records. The new HRS software system centralizes and organizes employee information into one database, which every store can access.

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Implementing the new HRS software system will increase operational efficiency but also creates dissatisfaction among employees because of the consolidation f certain steps in the data collection process for Judder Fine Foods. Some store managers will resist the change initiative because of the belief the store managers are efficient in the current system. The store managers believe the inability of other store managers to operate efficiently should not be cause for every store manager to adopt the new system. The reason for the resistance of these store managers may be the perceived loss of control.

Store managers who fail to embrace the change initiative may display negative attitudes toward the new system. The negative attitudes may influence others to develop resistance o the change initiative. “Individual values and attitudes, especially those that are deeply held, are notoriously difficult to directly change because people’s values tend to be part of an interrelated system in which each value is tied to and reinforced by other values” (Bewitch, Bono, ; Stewart, 2008, p. 59). Others will develop attitudes about the change initiative as well.

The company Judder Fine Foods outsourced payroll will experience dissatisfaction with the decision to install the new software. The human resources manager keeps a spreadsheet with the results of job analysis, salary surveys, and individual insemination decisions. The human resources assistant keeps information about complaints, grievances, and harassment complaints in locked files in the human resources office at headquarters. The new system will allow the individuals to input the information in a centralized location, which eliminates the need for the employees to maintain separate locations for that information.

These individuals may not believe the reward of increased operational efficiency for the company serves as justification for the change initiative. The change initiative may cause mixed emotions from employees in the company. The new yester will prevent store managers from hiring applicants who apply at specific locations because the applications filter through a centralized database. Certain new hires may not be those the store manager prefers, which may cause the store manager to question whether the company has faith in his or her hiring ability, which may cause the store manager to lose trust with the company.

The new system eliminates the need for store managers to keep employee files in the respective stores, which may cause anger in some managers. The store managers may believe the company is trying to take away some responsibility room the store managers, which may cause some to question the ability of the store managers to maintain important information concerning members of the company. The third party managing the workers’ compensation claims may develop anger as well. However, some individuals may experience elation because of the elimination of certain steps in the data collection and storing process.

The employees of the stores will no longer need to fill out time sheets because of the automated capabilities of the new system. The human resources assistant will no longer need to keep information about complaints or refinances in locked files because the new system allows information pertaining to employees to enter a centralized database. The behaviors of the employees will display acceptance of the change initiative or resistance toward the change initiative. The employees with negative attitudes and emotions may not perform job duties as well as expected.

Store managers may continue to keep employee files to serve as a symbol of resistance, which may cause other workers to want to create a symbolic resistance message. Some store managers may instruct employees to continue manually filling out time sheets for the store managers o keep track of the employees’ time although the employees are aware of the capabilities of the new system. The negative attitude and behavior of store managers who oppose the implementation of the new system may trickle down to the workers in the stores, and those who will suffer will be the customers.

The company needs someone from within to lead the change initiative; hiring someone from outside the organization may result in employees developing resistance, or cause the employees undecided on emotions pertaining to the change initiative to develop strong emotions against the change initiative. The company needs to position an employee with the mindset for success not only for the individual but also the company. The company needs to position an employee with excellent leadership skills, organized, and willing to help others as needed; the person should be personable and easy to get along well with others.

The company has two employees in the administration department who match the profile: Meredith Unguent and Matthew Iv. Staff members developed excellent working relationships with Unguent and Iv. Raja Silent and Glen Delano from the La Jolly location should receive consideration as change gents. Stan Juliann, Elaine Meier, Craig Dross, and Letdown Avery from the Del Mar location are employees to consider as change agents. David Quivers and Erin Brown are employees to consider as change agents, although certain company decisions may cause Erin to develop resistance.

Certain employees may appear to be good workers and should receive consideration as a change agent, but lack in certain areas that may cause resistance to change to develop. The company cannot afford to select employees who do not demonstrate leadership skills as change agents. The company needs employees willing to evolve the necessary skills in every area, and some employees did not take advantage of the opportunities to develop the skills, or failed to improve on certain skills. Although Juanita Manager is a good employee working in the administration department, based on her reviews, she may develop resistance to the change initiative.

Eric McMullen from the La Jolly location may develop resistance to the change initiative. Brent Vance and Thomas Think from the Del Mar location may develop resistance. Nancy Sharp and Donald Carpenter from the Enceintes location may develop resistance. The manner in which a person reforms duties will reflect in that person’s values. A company without shared values will never succeed. The philosophy of a company provides the common direction for its members as well as guidelines for acceptable behaviors in the daily operations. Once the employees of the company begin developing differing values, the company will suffer.

The resistance to the change initiative may cause employees to refuse assignments or accept new policies. That resistance may influence other employees to begin developing similar attitudes, which may force management to make decisions pertaining to job status. As difficult s change appears for companies, change is difficult because of the unknown. Employees not accepting the “we” attitude many companies adopted are those spearheading the resistance; too many times the “l” attitudes come to the forefront of employee complaints.

Companies will succeed if the employees of the companies begin to develop “ownership of the company’ attitudes; a certain level of pride ensures the employees will do whatever is necessary with positive attitudes for the betterment of the companies. Applicants must decide before applying for a position whether working for a particular company will affect his or err values; if a company does not agree with an applicant’s values, the applicant should discontinue the application process.

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