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Evaluating Business Communication Michelle Muske BCOM/230 June 14, 2010 Dr. Doug Gilbert Upon reviewing the team “A” assignment on “Evaluating Business Communication” the intended message could have been conveyed better. All of the communique had good intentions on targeting the specific groups they were asked or volunteered to do. The communication in from Beth to peer was finished nicely and was at the appropriate level. The other three could have used some improvements to reach the appropriate level for the intended audience.

The different leadership styles did not seem to be followed according to the scenario presented. For instance, the one that I wrote could have been improved by stating something with regard to policy or a procedure. The other three followed closer to the leadership style of each person. I would recommend a title page before submitting the paper. It would have been wise to use two or three different styles of communique, I could have presented mine as an e-mail instead of a memo. Then one of the communique required was not included in the assignment.

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I should have been clearer in mine and had a conclusion. Each communique were ethical. When reviewing them I did not see that anyone may have crossed the boundaries of being unethical. All of the communique were honest and advising of the financial situation of the company. It would be in which too much information was given. There may have been a few with not enough information to advise clearly the intended group, sales numbers or a graph could have been included. The team leader for this project did a good job organizing the ssignment. I believe all of the team tried their best on completing this assignment. I should have changed my style of communication and been careful regarding how I put it together. The ethical implications did affect my evaluation of the team assignment. I do not like to speak badly of people or belittle others. When writing this I found it ethical not to name names but just to give suggestions on how to improve the paper. The team assignment paper did receive a nice score and it was a pleasure working with my fellow teammates.

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