Eulogy for the great gatsby Assignment

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My Name is Cathy and in the most devastating circumstances we are gathered here, to mourn the death of the most inspiring woman I had ever known. Myrtle was an amazing woman. She was adventurous, free spirited and brave. She was passionate, especially when It comes to following your dreams. She had big ambitious dreams, which extended beyond the valley of ashes, and deserved it. Its a dream she can never have now, bless her soul-Myrtle has been my best friend for my whole life. When I was young, Myrtle told me, “Cathy,

She supported me when I dropped out of school and even took me in for some time when our father disproved of my decision. Without her, I probably would be dead in one way. But now, a part of me has died when she passed away. Her dream was to be happy with Tom. Tom, she was crazy about you. Myrtle knew you loved her, and she loved you. I think that Is the most Important thing she wanted you to know. She really loved you Tom because even when you punched her In the nose, she still did not leave you. When Myrtle loved, she really lovemaking’s Education English 41.

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Summarize Performance Task Summarize Assignment: Media Analysis and Seminar Tasks: Part 1: Find a rich visual or written media text that makes a series of connections with any theme connected to this course (course text) and write a 500-750 word report explaining how studying this product would enhance the course as a whole. You may consider looking at thematic, symbolic, or archetypal connections to the existing course materials. You are encouraged to do so by using one or more of the literary lenses. Your report should include the following sections:

Brief analysis of the media text and including characters, symbols, themes, setting, techniques, methods of development. Analysis of key points of connection with the existing course content Including connections to any of the units. Part 2: Lead a seminar. Based on your analysis of your media product, which aims to TEACH, and turner enhance your classmates understanding to the course themes. The purpose of the seminar is to help improve your ability to analyze media and share your academic findings with others.

Part 3: In order to enhance your experience and learning you will write a short fleeting piece with the aim of synthesizing your learning about course design and media analysis. Summarize Task Details: Elements of Analysis- Written Report On the day of your seminar you must hand in your written report to your teacher BEFORE your seminar begins. Therefore you will require two copies of your written report. You will have the opportunity to write an improved version of your analytical report using your seminar notes, student feedback and teacher assessment. Components of the Written Report (750 words):

Determine the media product’s main message – essentially the product’s thesis, if you will – and state it in your words. It should be thorough- more than one sentence, and more than one idea. (200 words) Identify TWO Methods of Development used to develop the intended message, and explain how the author uses each to advance his or her argument. (Be sure to explain how it relates to the overall argument or thesis). (1 50 words) Tone refers to the author’s (or artistic creator’s) attitude toward the subject and/or the audience. State the dominant tone of the media product. 1 50 words) For written media texts, give two examples of diction that reveal the tone and explain how they create the tone. Be sure to quote specific words and/or phrases. OR For visual forms of media, explain how visual effects and camera techniques help to create tone. Connections to the course (250 words) Your written analysis must clearly demonstrate the ways in which your interpretation to the media product relates to multiple course texts and the course themes as a whole. This section should be approximately 500 words in length. Seminar: Conduct a 10 minute seminar.

Due to the short time frame, make sure you eve a focus, a flexible plan, and questions which result in an interaction of ideas with your peers. In brief, your seminar should aim to do the following: Lead the class through the process of analyzing your media product Clearly convey to the class the steps you took to analyze (deconstruct) your media product Express your thinking clearly and effectively Stimulate inquiry and discussion by posing questions about possible alternative answers Show that you can respond intellectually to others In order to foster discussion, it is important for seminar members to have access to our media product.

Please provide a copy to me which I will make available to students through DEL. It can be an excerpt, or clip (whichever is appropriate of your media. ) Using feedback from your seminar you must write a 300 word reflection exploring the strengths and areas for improvement in your approach to integrating your chosen media text. Seminar Leadership and Media-Analysis Feedback Seminar Leader Two specific tips for improvement… Analysis Feedback Feedback by Seminar Leadership and Media- . Every day I thank her. Now, every day I will miss her. Myrtle, we love you.

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