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1. How to keep an ideal employee at work? Suggest various options from employer’s point of view. These days although there are plenty of employees that are looking for a job or already have one but it’s hard to keep it because of chaining times through which we go. With the changing times, the world of employment has changed too. Just a few decades ago, a person would hold just one job their entire lives and that would be it, but with the changing times, people are looking for change and progress at every point of their lives.

In such a scenario, it has become important for companies to think about how to retain employees. Retention of employees is quite important today, because good employees are getting poached almost every day today. At the beginning I will start with my first and according to me the most important thing today in retention of an excellent employee that is a material compensation. The material compensation can be provided in various ways – either as an increment in the salary, a bonus or a payment given as recognition for the hard work on a particular assignment.

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Maybe it strange to put this as an employer like first and the most important but in these days, especially in our country people work for money. So if there is other company, employer, that offers to you, as employee, higher salary, bonuses and so on, you without thinking will go to for him. Also good employees should progress, that is the basic rule of any good company. A good employee should be promoted when and if they show enthusiasm in their work and their enthusiasm is productive to the company and it gives a sense of responsibility and achievement to the person who receives it.

A good employee only becomes better if their qualifications are enhanced. There are programs in which the best of their employee force is selected for various courses and programs that enhance their qualifications and gives them relevant knowledge with which they can grow in the profession. Training, enhancement of qualifications, additional education that company provides for you, employee, is something that is important as giving you money compensation, because is something that will help you in future, it is something that no money can buy, it is experience plus in your career.

At the end my last suggestion in order to keep an ideal employee is to provide feedback. Employees want to get feedback, positive or negative, because on that way they are able to change something in there work, to be better, to go upper, to be more motivated and enthusiasting for future assignments. 2. Your company is not moving in the right direction. The staff work as usual, but the profit is still low. What can be done to improve the situation? “Be great in what you do, by becoming the best in your business” Although the staff work as usual it does not mean that it is enough.

You should always, as an employer, to push them to higher level, to keep them motivated, happy, productive and committed to excellence. Concentrate your business on customer satisfaction, keep you customer close to you, and provide them loyalty programs, added values, satisfaction programs, clubs and so on. On that way you will stick close to your loyal customers, which are important part of profit margin. When you deal with your staff and with your loyal customers, you should start thinking to chance something in your business working, market that you work on, segmentation that you chosen to work for etc.

If you still do not have online working, online sale, you should start with that immediately. Because in this internet era you should be in front of you competitors, always step ahead in every field, especially through the internet. See your business through internet like real business, get it serious, because is the most profitable one. From business point of view focus on laughing new products, start new brand or make brand extension for different target group, something more profitable. Also is important not to put higher prices on already existing products, because you will get only lower demand, never higher profit.

Fair profit is the best thing. It is important to the profitability of your business that you charge what your service or product is worth. Then it will take a shorter time to see profits. If you undercharge then making a profit takes a lot longer and much more effort. Price right the first time so that you are meeting your expenses and have money for savings or reinvesting. Charging the right price will set your business in motion and head on the right path. 3. What makes an effective leader? Discuss different qualities. “He/she is a born leader. ” Are all leaders born? Or can leadership be learned?

Leadership can be learned. We all have leadership potential, just as we have some ability to sing or run. Some people may be better than others, but each of us has a starting point to build on with training and practice. You do not have to be officially designated as a leader of a group to be an effective leader. Leadership is a process that helps a group to achieve its goals. Leaders and group members can mutually influence each other’s ideas. It is important for a leader to know his/her own abilities, knowledge and values and how others perceive them in order to be effective one.

Passion for what he/she as a leader does is one of the most important characteristics for one effective leader. An effective leader is a person with a passion for a cause that is larger than they are. Also, without passion, a leader will not make the necessary courageous and difficult decisions and carry them into action. Leader should also have a clear vision. This is a bit different than passion, but in other ways it isn’t separable. If one doesn’t care about a subject, an issue, a system and then one won’t spend the time thinking about how it could or should be different.

Yet, one could have strong feelings about something and not good ideas, particularly if she didn’t spend a good deal of time studying the topic. Thus a leader has to have some ideas about change, about how the future could be different. Effective leader is one that has creativity, in order to think out of the box and to come up with effective strategies that will help advance the vision, someone that is planner and organizer, Someone who can see what needs to be done and help the team plan and organize the getting it done. A leader means to me, someone who is taking action, trying to get others to do something they want to see done.

Teamwork is one of the abilities of an effective leader. A leader cannot achieve success alone. The old notion that a leader is “the top of the pyramid” is false. An effective leader is involved and in touch with group members. He enables them to act by providing technical assistance, emotional support and vision. Effective leaders insist on the support and assistance of those affected by the project. They think in terms of “we” not “I. ” An effective leader is a risk taker and an innovator. A leader should recognize good ideas, actively support them, and encourage action.

At the end good leader, an effective one is a leader how knows how to give recognition and reward to people for what they’ve done. Individuals may become tired, bored or frustrated with a particular task or goal. They are often tempted to give up. A leader must provide the encouragement to motivate members to carry on. 4. How can a new employee better adapt to the work environment? Make Them Say, “I Am Welcomed, Therefore I Belong! ” We all ones in a life time had the opportunity to feel like new comers, new employee of even a new student and we all know how difficult is to adapt to the new environment.

My suggestion is to make new employee feel welcomed first day at work by organizing small simple celebration, give him a letter of welcome signed by the director. This welcome letter for the new employee should contain a confirmation of such items as start date, start time, work dress code, where to go, the first day’s schedule, and other details that the new employee needs to know. Give him/her a company t-shirt or hat, and have pizza or a cake. Welcoming a new employee is more than making a company announcement and a boss assignment.

Welcoming a new employee, to give the new employee the best possibility of integrating successfully in your company, requires a series of steps that start after your job offer is accepted. These welcoming steps for the new employee continue right into his or her employment. If you do these welcome and on boarding steps well, you will create a successful new employee. These are more useful steps that will make the new employee feel welcomed: You should contact the new employee after he pass through the interview successfully. The purpose of the note or phone call is to express your excitement that the new employee has joined your team.

Also you should send benefits information and the employee handbook early so that the new employee may review them at his or her leisure and arrive for the first day with questions. You may have other documents that are pertinent to your business to share as well. You can assign a new employee mentor, a more experienced employee with no reporting relationship to the new employee. The mentor should call the new employee to get to know him or her prior to the start date. Prepare for the employee’s first day by having everything ready for his or her arrival. I have written about the ten best ways to turn off a new employee.

Many of them have to do with the organization’s failure to prepare to welcome the new employee from day one. These items seem so simple. For example, don’t ask an employee to start during a week when his or her new boss is out of town. Demonstrate respect for the new employee. New colleagues should organized breakfast or lunch together with the new comer in order to get more close to him/her, to talk not only about work activities but also for some private things, social life, hobbies, sports, interests etc. The new employee’s boss and mentor should also attend this lunch.

Decorate the new employee’s office area with welcome signs, flowers, and snacks. Let the quirkiness of your employees and work culture shine through in the items that you provide to welcome the new employee. Company swag is appreciated, too. A mug with the company logo and other items welcome the new employee will make him or her feel quickly at home. The impressions the new employee forms during the first few days and the on boarding time period will have an enormous impact on the new employee’s experience of your organization. It is well worth your time and attention to make the new employee’s welcome positive, affirming, and exciting.

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