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We all experience major and minor challenges in our life. How we handle them on a daily basis determines our physical, as well as our mental well-being. There are three challenges that I will discuss that relate to my life. The first would be, adjusting to the extra responsibilities of Higher Education. The second would be, learning to balance school and work. And the third would be, helping my family adjust to my new responsibilities. Adjusting to the extra responsibilities of Higher Education is the biggest challenge for me.

Having been out of school for 19 years, its a lot different. When I graduated from High School, my first thought was, Im finished, no more school. Not realizing that education is never over, I decided to go to City College, but later I dropped out to start working. Working minimum wage Jobs was not paying the bills, but in order to make good money, you needed to have a college background. To help me with my challenge of Higher Education, I decided to go back to school online.

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Going back to school online allows me to be able to work fulfillment, be at home with my children, and be In class at varies times of the day. Being able to balance school and work Is another challenge for me. I need to be voted to my employer at all times on the job. Working can handicap your ability to get ahead in school, (Hailstorm, Williams, Dynasty, 1999, p. 12). In school I need to keep up with my readings and assignments so that I don’t get behind and be discouraged. The way I deal with this challenge is by being organized and using time management.

By staying organized I know what has to be done. I keep all my school materials in one place and use calendars to mark all upcoming deadlines. I remind myself often of why Im joggling work and school, and that Is to make a better life for me. After my life is better, I can then provide more for my family. It may seem overwhelming at times, but others have done It and have succeeded, so I know that I can do It telephone my family adjust to my new responsibilities Is another challenge for me. Sometimes I can’t make It to basketball practice or football practice with the kids like I use to.

The kids are use to mom and dad being there to cheer them on. I explain to them that I would be going back to school and that there would be a lot of changes that would also involve each of them. It would be like we are going back to school together. The way I deal with this is to devote Monday through Friday for my school requirement time. And on the weekends, that time belongs to my children and husband. This way, Im able to stay focus on my schooling and also spend quality time with my love ones.

We also have the chance to sit down at the table and do our homework together, ask questions, and help each other out at the same time. Every success person has gone through some type of challenge In their life, one way or another. The key Is to be able to handle them at every angle. Adapting to going back to school, balancing school work and house work Is a challenge. It Just requires a lot of self discipline. By having a great support team and the determination to kinds of changes in the nature of the relationship, (Hailstorm, Williams, Dynasty, 1999, p. 4). There will be obstacles that may try and get in the way but Just remember that you can do anything you set your mind to do and you can be Just successful as the next person. Irreproachableness, C. , Williams, B. K. , & Dynasty, C. K. (1999). The Practical Student: Career-orientated Success. Headwords, Coinage Learning. (p. 12)Hailstorm, C. , Williams, B. K. , & Dynasty, C. K. (1999). The Practical Student: Career-orientated Success. Headwords, Coinage Learning. (p. 14)

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