English Lesson Plan for First Year Assignment

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Respond In various ways that show understanding of the essay. 4. Involve themselves actively In classroom discussions. 5. Contribute substantially and productively in a group work. 6. Write a short letter empowering Filipinos. 8. Act out a short visualized scene in the essay. 9. Give helpful advice to someone in need. 10. Make a four-line stanza expressing what they’ve learned today. II. Subject Matter and Materials Philippine Literature (Essay) Selection: “I’m Glad I’m A Little Guy’ by Carols P. Ormolu Reference: Afro-Asian Voices by Damming-Bilateral, et. Al. (up. 9-10) Online Source: http://books. Google. Com/

Materials for the teacher: Picture of Carols P. Ormolu Visual aids Materials for Group Dynamics: Strips of paper for task-distribution 1/8 illustration board Rubrics Procedure Ill. A. Preliminary Activities 1 . Prayer 2. Checking of Attendance 3. Declaration of the assignment given before B. Clearance of Difficulties (Vocabulary Development) Pick out from the neighboring words the clue or clues that signal meaning to the underlined word or group of words in each number: 1 . The little fellow is generally underrated in the beginning. Because he is small, little is expected of him. 2. Even at home, I’m a little fellow.

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My four sons all look down on me from a vantage of two or three inches. 3. It is the duty of the little Davis here to fling pebbles of truth between the eyes of blustering Goliath – and make them behave. 4. My small stature has often been made conspicuous in my relations with famous people. During the World War II, I was at the side of General MacArthur who towered eight inches above me. 5. My wife said, “l prefer to glow faintly in my husband’s shadow. ” An acquaintance Jested that this didn’t leave her much room to glow in. Answers: 2. Vantage – advantageous position 3. Blustering – loud-mouthed 4. Conspicuous – obvious/noticeable .

Jesting – Joking B. Motivation Allow the students to arrange these Jumbled words into a sentence. (Answer: One’s physical appearance is not a hindrance to one’s success. ) Guide Questions: 1. Do you have physical weaknesses (height, your looks, figure, etc. )? 2. How do you manage/deal with them? D. Background of the Author 1. Show the picture of Carols P. Ormolu. 2. Ask the students regarding what they know about him. 3. Stress the basic facts about him as stated below: E. Discussion 1 . Why does Carols Ormolu find himself in a heated debate with Mr… Fishiness? 2. How does Mr… Fishiness behave during the situation? . Is it right for him to humiliate one who is small in stature? Why or why not? 4. Does C. Ormolu ever feel conscious of his height? Justify your answer. 5. Ormolu gives the advantages of being a small fellow. Name some of these. 6. Do you approve of Ormolu’s reaction to Mr… Fishiness’s remark? Explain your answer. 7. Explain what Ormolu means when he says, “It is the duty of the little Davis here to fling pebbles of truth between the eyes of blustering Goliath – and make them behave. ” 8. Filipinos are often looked down upon not only because they are small but also show greatness? Defend your answer. F.

Enrichment: Group Dynamics! NOTE: Write the tasks of each group in a slip of paper beforehand including the rubric on which they will be evaluated. 1 . Group the students into five (5). 2. Distribute the slips of paper accordingly. 3. Remind them that the duration to accomplish the task given is eight to ten (8-10) minutes. 4. Each group will present their output to the class in random using “draw lets. ” Group A. Pretend that you are a Filipino delegate who was present in the United Nations session in Paris. Write a short letter to Mr… Fishiness stating your opinion of his remark to Carols Ormolu and your reasons.

Have one or two group preservative’s present your work. Group B. Create a slogan/motto empowering Filipinos who are often looked down upon because of our smallness or brown complexion. Have one or two group representative’s to present your work. Group C. Act out the heated debate between Carols Ormolu and Mr… Fishiness. ALL members of the group should participate. Group D. Imagine that you are a DC in a radio station giving advice to your listeners. One said, “Dear DC, I need your advice. I’m an athlete so I’m a really tall woman with a muscular build. But this caused my friends to make fun of me saying I look like a keeper or baklava.

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