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When I Joined the Army, I never imagined how much it would affect my life. Years later, I can easily see how Basic Combat Training (BCC) helped to shape my values and character and helped make me the person I am today. One of the significant ways that BCC has helped me is by showing me how to overcome personal fears. Being afraid of heights is normal to some people, affecting about five percent of the population, but when presented with a “do or die” situation, you Just have to go for it and push aside all of your worries.

It is hard to do or try things that you know will make you nervous; sometimes we Just need a little push. Also, I try to remember that if I was in a life-threatening situation, I would have no choice but to face my fears and rely more on others. A second way that BCC shaped me was by teaching me essential teamwork skills. To some, teamwork is an awful term to think about and to more outgoing people; it may be their favorite thing to do. I learned that you have to work together to get things done. For example, my team consisted of five people for the Teamwork Development Course.

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We all had to get over a 12 foot wall with no footholds or ropes. If we tried to climb alone, we would not be able to get over the wall, but if we worked together and helped each person up, we then could conquer the wall. Third, time management has always been a strong suit of mine. The Army ensures that Soldiers are taught time management to maintain training proficiency at an acceptable level by both rewards and discipline. One great example of this is developing times for a study blocks in college.

Since my time in the military, I have learned how to better manage personal and school time and also be where I need to be at the right time. Also, I have been better able to prioritize assignments and readings for school with the strategies I have learned. Setting priorities is a basic part of the effective time management. You can avoid a lot of stress and burden when you set your priorities in an effective manner. Respect is the most significant way that BCC has shaped me to be the person I am. From day one, Soldiers are taught o stand at “parade rest”, which is a form of respect for a Noncommissioned officer.

For a Commissioned officer, however, the Soldier would stand at “attention”, while being addressed. Every time you address an Officer, or Soldier that is above you in rank, you must show respect. In the Army, there are seven core values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Respect stands out the most to me, because I believe you should treat people as they should be treated. Self-respect is important to me because it will help show that you have put forth your est. effort.

Looking back, Basic Combat Training was a great learning experience. I struggled with the teamwork exercises and being forced to live with 59 other males, but it was all worth it in the end. If I would not have learned to overcome my personal fears, foster teamwork, adopt better time management, and have a better understanding for what it means to have respect, then I would not be the person I am today. One thing I will take from the military when I leave is the vast skill set I have been taught and will use it to better myself in the years to come.

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