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You will respond to the one of the following options In a 7 to 1 Sentence paragraph. Option 1 If you were a Hollywood movie producer, and you were remaking this video for a 21st century audience, what celebrity or well known person would you cast as the speaker, and where would you set the scene? Compare or contrast your choices with at least one of the gig even versions from this lesson. Option 1: As a producer I would have the famous and well known actor Llama Ones.

The first r season why Loud pick Lima is because he is my favorite actor, and when he speaks his voice e not only carries but also has purpose and deep meaning to it. Secondly, he has numerous s awards like the Academy Award For Best Actor, ABAFT, and three Golden Globe for Best Actor In A Motion Picture Drama. In contrast to interpretation 1 Video, where the actor is on a SST age depicting his Interpretation with a rather funny tone I would have my setting Just Like the second video had It.

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In the back of the stage. But Instead of Llama thinking about the 7 stages of Man through looking at other people, he will be deeply comparing the stages of an actor/actress to the Stages of Man. In the first stage, you start off as a baby actor, that one cute baby everybody loves to s e in a film. The second stage, the actress/ actor is now a small teen, just starting to grasp his/nerd own potential.

But as time goes by slowly this ” eventful but strange” ( “The Seven Age of Man” from William Shakespearean play As You Like It, act 2, scene 7. ) Journey starts to fade as you get older and older. Till once again you become that childish entity you knew I Eng ago. Taking away … Your teeth, eyes, your taste… Everything. Side note: I know this not might be what the actual 7 Stages of Man actually is depict Eng but like the assignment this is MY interpretation of it. A more mellow version. English Ill

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