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To whom this may concern: If you are looking for a person who brings energy and brilliant communicational skills to the Job, I may be your ideal employee. Not only am I proficient at communicating and bringing vivacity with me wherever I go, but I also possess qualities such as trustworthiness, dedication, and creativity as well. Not only do I bring these values to the Job, but I also take them wherever I go. I believe that because of these skills that I have, I would make the perfect employee.

Trustworthiness is an asset that is difficult to come by in the world we live in today. Ever since I was brought up as a little girl, I have been taught to be honest in all my dealings. Cheating is against the standards I set for myself, because I try to respect those that I know and am close with. To me, when somebody does something dishonest, I see that as disrespect. The last thing I would want to do is offend somebody by disrespecting them. Having dedication to me is being a productive worker with incomparable effort.

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I believe that I possess this quality. I have learned from two hard working parent’s how to be a dependable, responsible person. There was a time that I had a solo concert for the performance center I go to. I was very ill and didn’t think I would be able to make it. With a few prompting words from my parent’s, and some strong cold medicine, I successfully performed a very difficult song in Italian. It went because I believed that it was my duty to go and perform. It would have been unfair to my vocal coach if I didn’t come, and made an excuse.

No matter what, I strive to be committed to excellence and success, because I want to be an excellent and successful person. Creativity requires motivation and a passion for what you are doing. Whenever I take on a project or goal, I try to do it as passionately, and creatively as possible. I make it enjoyable to do, and fascinating to listen to. For example, if I was given an assignment to present on a poster board, I would color it with all my favorite colors, and make it look as organized and as neat as Seibel.

I am a crafty person. I scrapbook, take photographs, and etc. , I am no stranger to the ways of creativity. Because of my wonderful upbringing, I have learned to discipline myself when in a working environment. Although I have many impressive skills, I am open to learning and improving what I already know. I am eager to meet the challenges that I am faced with, if hired, and will adapt to any situation given to me. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Student Employee Essay By solicitously

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