Effects of International Students in Canadian Schools Assignment

Effects of International Students in Canadian Schools Assignment Words: 504

These difficulties are placed on the students that are dative to their environment, as well as immigrants and foreigners. Studying in a multicultural environment is harmful to students and their education when it comes to communication problems, fights regarding their culture, as well as some students having difficulty grasping course concepts. To begin, a major issue with a multicultural school setting is students having language barriers with some of their peers. These barriers between students create difficulties when it comes to communication with other classmates. A lot of courses require open class discussions, as well as group work.

If students are not all speaking the same language and able to communicate with each other, class discussions become confusing and misleading. Moreover, students being from different races and having different beliefs may chime in with their opinion, and although what they are saying may be true where they are from, it may not fit the lives or opinions of the majority of students. This brings in a completely different aspect to the discussion, which easily brings students off topic, or makes them uneasy. Secondly, having so many students from all over the world, opinions differ n a personal level and students become very defensive and angry.

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When so many different thoughts are had when it comes to religion, culture and politics, tempers are bound to flair. Arguments between cultures happen frequently, causing unnecessary scenes within our schools. The multiculturalism of our school system opens up grounds for physical and verbal fights between students, as many cultures do not get along. The students themselves may not get along personally, or it may be due to anger they have towards things they see in the media, or current events, which are vying them these feelings.

Regardless, having so many cultures within a school system is a detriment on the students who are simply there to learn, as some students would rather have a war of their own. Lastly, learning becomes hard, as some students understand the language better than others. Students who do understand the language become frustrated that extra time is being spent on simple concepts for the people who do not understand. Going over basic things that may be beneath certain students, causes them to lose interest and skip class.

By continuing to do this, t some point they may miss something important, and end up falling behind themselves. Also, having to spend extra time on simple things leaves little time for other course concepts, or review. This puts extra stress on the students when it comes time to tests, exams and assignments. This added stress causes students to perform badly, and they will receive a lower grade than they could have. Moreover, students who have trouble understanding the language and course concepts may fall behind and not do as well as they could have, as the teacher is not able to spend too much time on a certain area.

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