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Students learning disabilities should be assessed in order o differentiate bad behavior from challenges and the rules should be adapted accordingly. Task B – Reflective Account Produce a reflective account, reflecting on your role as a teacher in your von subject area, either now or in the future to: a) 1. 2 Explain own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity As a Spanish teacher will find myself with students of all levels, some will have no knowledge of the Spanish language, some will have very little knowledge of it.

Some of my students may not even speak English; some may have special needs or learning disabilities. However, my responsibility will be o include every one of them and provide them with the necessary resources according to their needs in order to help them meet the objectives of the lessons. Also understand that I might not be able to take care of all their needs and I might need the support of other departments in the organization, e. G. , If one of my students has a hearing disability, the Student Support Staff could assess the situation to find solutions for this particular student so that she doesn’t miss out on her Spanish lessons.

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They might be able to sort funds to contract a Sign Language Translator. They could also arrange for you to earn basic or advance sign language in Spanish. B) 1. 3 Explain own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning know the importance of languages at all levels in our society. As a teacher it is my responsibility to assess and identify the needs of the organization and my students in order to meet those needs whilst assessing my own in order to produce an effective session plan which will satisfy the requirements of the curriculum using a variety of approaches to encourage and facilitating teaching and learning. Just assess the progress of my students to make sure they are gaining the skills and knowledge. I must continuously evaluate myself and the programmer in order to identify any potential need for future improvement. C) 1. 4 Explain own role and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the needs of learners When I first started to learn how to speak English I was doing a course which I found too difficult, impractical and monotonous and was starting to lose interest.

I knew that I needed to try a different learning method, a different approach. I started to watch programs in English covering the subtitles, reading magazines and text in English, to practice my pronunciation I would sites to songs in English while reading the lyrics and recorded myself to correct my pronunciation. I would ask my friends who spoke both languages to only speak to me in English and to correct me when mispronounced a word. It took me three months of hard work and I constantly changed and updated my learning methods.

It takes motivation to learn a second language and teachers play a very important role in keeping their students motivated. One of the simplest ways to make learning accessible to both myself and to those I will teach will be by relating to real-life situations and circumstances hat we have faced. If one takes the approach of trying to memories verbs and words and grammar rules in Spanish the information becomes more difficult to absorb and less likely to be retained.

Images related to their sound will be more effective than trying to pronounce a written word especially because the sound of vowels and letters of both languages are so different. Will do an initial assessment to each of my students to identify their level of knowledge of the language or any other need the learner may have. I will also try to identify their learning style and I will adjust the teaching teeth accordingly. To promote additional learning would always recommend that learners listen to Spanish music, what TV programs in Spanish, to record themselves pronouncing words in Spanish. ) 2. 3 Summaries own responsibilities in relation to other professionals My responsibility as a teacher is mainly to my students; however, I must make sure to communicate to other professionals and members of staff any concerns or doubts I have, changes I think should be done, extracurricular activities might find useful to support the learning methods, concerns about NY of my students learning needs, I must provide all the information needed by the other departments, parents and the students themselves in order to remain professional and not overstep the boundaries of my role. ) 3. 1 Explain own responsibilities in maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment I will safeguard my students’ learning environment by ensuring that ground rules are established to help set the expectations of how the group can achieve a consistent and pleasant approach when working together in the classroom and to ensure that my learners are both physically and psychologically safe. When the ground rules have been established and agreed with the students and the organization, this then provides a frame of reference for the future.

It is usual for the ground rules to mainly be suggested by the students to give a sense of ownership. However, when needed, I will include suggestions in the ground rules if not thought of by the group. An example might be that of not using mobile phones during teaching sessions or copying from other student’s work. This is particularly important for teachers of adults, as it is an accepted way of looking at how dents will agree appropriate behavior, and be respectful during the learning process.

Level 3 – Assignment unit 002 – Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in Lifelong Learning Produce a report that will a) 1. 3 Describe aspects of inclusive leaning Inclusive learning is about taking into account the students’ different needs, learning styles, abilities and disabilities. To create an effective teaching and learning environment you need to develop the conditions that will promote a positive culture of equality where all your students will feel safe, valued, expected, engaged, included and praised. B) 3. Explain ways to engage and motivate learning in an inclusive learning environment To help your students feel engaged and motivated in the learning environment, you should make sure they feel included and that they are a very important part of the teaching/learning cycle. You can encourage their participation in the planning of certain parts of the session, for example, allowing them to choose between using the smart board or the white board for a particular exercise, using your students’ names when talking to them, give them prompt feedback about the exults of their assignments, using icebreakers at the beginning of the c) 3. Summaries ways to establish ground rules with learners to sessions. Promote respect for others All your students should engage in the design of the ground rules, this will give a sense of ownership of those rules. The ground rules should be discussed and agreed upon by all the students. They need to be revised and adapted according to changes in the classroom or students needs. The ground rules should be displayed around De classrooms and must be quoted and reminded when any of those rules are broken. ) 3. Explain ways to give constructive feedback that motivates learners It is important that your students receive feedback from you on their assignments, exams, participation in questions and answers, essays, etc. The feedback should be given as soon as possible and it must start with a positive outlook of their work, praising their effort, highlighting important aspects of their work.

You must be specific and honest about any areas where they need to improve and end the observation about their work or participation with a positive attitude in order to keep them motivated to try harder or to feel that he effort the put into their job was acknowledged and appreciated. E) Explain how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy, language, innumeracy and CIT skills Functional skills should be used and practiced whenever possible in your sessions in order to improve your students’ abilities.

You should embed the skills during sessions in a realistic, natural and relevant way so that they don’t see it as a separate lesson but as part Of the subject. For example, in a Spanish lesson you can ask your students to write several words in English and their meaning in Spanish to reactive their literacy. You can ask them to read out loud a sentence in English and then in Spanish to practice their language skills. A good innumeracy exercise could be to ask them to count by ten in both languages.

Their CIT skills can be practiced, learned or improved by asking them to research meaning of Spanish words in the internet. Task B ? Reflective Account a) 1. 1 Summaries learning and teaching strategies used in own specialist Learning a new language can be a bit challenging and overwhelming. Practical sessions, using the smart board, pictures and small groups’ debates will be mom of the strategies will use in my sessions. I will encourage my students to pronounce the words, to record themselves. ) 2. 1 Explain how to select inclusive learning and teaching techniques Initial assessment of the students will help me determine the level of knowledge of Spanish of my students; using questions and answers will also help me understand their learning style in order to select and apply the appropriate teaching techniques which will help me reach all my students according to their capacity or abilities, making the sessions inclusive and effective for all of the students. ) 2. Explain how to select resources that meet the needs of learners I will discuss with my learners what their needs are and what extra support they require in order for the session to be inclusive. I may choose resources such as handouts, cards, equipment such games, art materials, Powering presentations, whiteboards and computers to use in my teaching and learning methods. I may use handouts with larger fonts or on colored paper for students who may have learning difficulties. An use handouts that have information on that the students need to read but if have learners who struggle with eating I could bullet point and shorten the handout and offer a more detailed version or a shorter version to students. D) 2. 3 Explain how to create assessment opportune ties that meet the needs of learners When deciding on the methods of assessment for my learners I must make sure that they will be able to achieve by using the set method of assessment. I must make sure that the method of assessment is also suitable for the level that the student is working towards.

I can discuss with my students which methods of assessment would best suit their needs and plan the assessment ethos in line to meet the criteria needed by the awarding bodies for the students to pass the qualifications. E) 1. 2 Explain how approaches to learning and teaching in own specialist meet the needs of learners When I started studying English as a second language, I found it easier to learn the sound Of the words first, then to make sure I was pronouncing them correctly, would record myself and play back the sounds and then correct any mispronunciation.

Associating the sound and pronunciation to an image before learning how to write the word made it easier for me to learn the language. But when studying math or chemistry it was easier for me to learn either subject if was in a classroom in a traditional teacher-centered lecture. Would practice the formulas on handouts given to us by the teacher. My learning styles were different depending upon the subjects. In order to meet my students’ needs I will need to perform initial assessments to identify their learning styles.

Some of my students will prefer have handouts with pictures of objects and so they can write on them the names in both languages. Other students will prefer role play activities. A mixture of different approaches thin my sessions will ensure I meet all my students learning styles, my students will be more likely to engage and stay motivated which will ensure learning of the subject will be successful.

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