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This process initially involves a movable object (user), and the means y which they enter into the virtual world of multiple programmers and a centralized learning system in which all participants can operate collectively. These learning systems are comparable to large university buildings with multiple floors, numerous departments, teachers, students, faculty, and other essential personnel. One of the primary purposes for the modern college learning system is to enhance the learning experience from the universities perspective, the teacher’s perspective, and the student’s perspective.

In the virtual world, outdated programs and systems recently have to be up-dated or discarded (moved to the basement). Moor’s Law of computer dynamics stated that the “number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years. ” (Moore, 1965) Moor’s Law Is the foundation for exciting new technological capabilities and improved energy efficiency. In nonprofessional terms, this statement in essence says that technology will advance at a rapid rate.

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In order for the modern college or university to keep its faculty and students up with the current virtual world, it is essential that they keep ahead of the genealogical curve, as they are the principle educators and students In modern intellectual society. Blackboard ICE, the version of the prior primary system for this college Is also a combination Learning Management System. Touring the Blackboard ICE website is both informative and instructional.

The ICE system had been around for a long time in terms of the virtual world and was part of a continual acquisition plan by Blackboard to keep the company in the forefront in the world of educational systems. Web CT after its purchase by Blackboard was then changed to Blackboard ICE. The company Is still viable and Is still involved In higher educational learning systems. Approximately 55% of the Learning Management Systems In place are still in Blackboard. Canvas was wise to use open source as quickly as they did as they were on Blackboards hit list of growing ALMS companies.

The reasoning for the change to Canvas Instructed (hereafter known as CLC) was multi-fold. In an interview with Edison States College Technical support team headed by Proof. Robert Anderson and supported by Proof. Melissa Risotto, Blackboard was changing it host yester or platform from In house hosting to Blackboard managed hosting. This Is an ever-changing virtual world, like the learning management systems, this is a reasonable alarm to abandon ship. Some of the other reasons for the change to CLC were that the systems were redundant requiring multiple entries of the same data.

Blackboard ICE is on an old platform Web 1. 0 and the transition to Canvas Instructed allowed Edison State to move forward to Web 2. 0. In simplified terms, we went from one server to multiple components interconnected on a platform in the cloud of the World Wide Web. The primary vision of how Web 2. 0 works is in the Web 2. 0 meme map below: [pica] (2) The use and enhancement of Web 2. 0 by CIA is a direct result of moving forward with current technological advances.

As is usual the case with new technology, a couple of recently graduated college students from BUY came up with Canvas Instructed at a very low price, and uses the technology that Web 2. 0 offers with the intent of primary usage by students. Web 2. 0 is a malleable system that allows for cloud events, presentations, video conferencing, online audio chats (ICE was a typed in chat-old technology). Web 2. 0 is also an in house system that does not rely on a company to manage hosting. Hence, Edison State uses fewer funds to feed an outside company and more money saved inside for the college to use in other areas.

This is a paradigm shift for Edison State College; Edison State was a forerunner in the implementation of Canvas Instructed and has been involved as one of the four primary colleges in this process. Edison State has been working with CLC for over 2 h years now and has assisted in the development and feedback of the constant changes that occur with emerging technology. Edison State College has used a phased approach over the past five semesters to slowly bring Canvas Instructed programming, procedures and instructions into department after department.

This is a shining example of proper technological management. Anytime you bring on anything new the transition to a new product is going to be slightly problematic. Thankfully, due to the cooperative bond that has been formed between Edison State College staff, technicians and advisor’s a dynamic relationship has formed with Canvas Instructed in which we are more than Just a Guiana pig. CLC has also added billing technology, technological exterior program expertise (One of the benefits of 2. Is the adding of new technology or old technology as needed), and complied with pedagogical principles. Canvas is a feel to use system by both teacher and student alike. Canvas has also provided greater usage for multi-campus communication and for administrative work as well. Support is constant, and changes within the educational system are up-dated with instructions worldwide with proper support and training either prior to or at release. (With broad reaching genealogical advances, it is difficult for any company to keep up with the latest tech and or programs. Sol’s company blob allows our computer tech management team to share easily with Edison State College administration, staff and other colleges and institutions of higher learning. In a recent study completed by the University of Texas, Canvas Instructed was tested and compared with other educational systems and choose CLC as their educational system for the future. The study produced and published by the University of Texas is as an Adobe PDF file and distributed governance/ALMS projectereport andmrecommendationsdFalle UDFudy is listed as “Course and Management Report Project and Recommendations”.

Oobst, JBoost011) The report seemed fair and unbiased and in the decision process relevant impact was given to the professional thoughts of faculty and student alike, as they are the primary users of the Learning Management System. As previously noted the primary focus of the modern educational institution is the ability to continue to educate students to apply modern technological devices in a fast-paced technologically advancing world. How does this apply to the learning process in any institution of higher learning? This is the exciting part for students.

Where once before students could only write and learn about the events that were happening in the world around them through a college campus library and the colleges teachers, students are now able to broadly form opinions and gather information worldwide. Formally, this type of information was available only at higher institutions, due to the fact, that they had the money to spend and a reputation of being on the cutting edge of scholarly knowledge acquirement. That educational gap is narrowing significantly through modern Learning Management Systems.

Where before everything you needed to learn was in a book or an instructor’s head now the information is readily available by pushing enter on your keyboard. The technological world has become the teacher’s friend and a way to reach out to all students and provide them the opportunity to benefit from the teachers expertise and growing knowledge of the 21st century. Knowledge acquirement is now almost instantaneous but the necessity for instructors to assist the student on acquiring that knowledge in their particular field of study is still paramount in the learning process.

When a student goes to ollege, allegedifferent than, when a high school graduate goes to college. Many go to college for various reasons but a student goes to college to learn. When a student can fulfill that yearning of learning all that they can learn, or they find assistance to the path to learn more, then Edison State College and any institution of higher learning will be fulfilling its mission. It is through this interaction in learning that the student-to-teacher bond is developed.

Other student-teacher developments formulate with the use of “Interactions in LMS (leaALMSng management systems)”. These systems assist in meeting the “needs in the implementation of online learning as a method for teaching and learning. A good performance in learning is a learner’s dream. ” (Hashim, HashishMost professional teachers and administrators are aware that there are six types of interaction. The types of interactions that students are most concerned with are student-to-teacher, student-to-content, and student-to- student.

As students get many opportunities to work in groups in the modern college setting either long distance or in class, the ability for amplified communication, hrough awroughtnd visual means can cross-distance communication obstacles. The same is true for student-to- teacher e learning and non-classroom communication. The ability to speak with a teacher on line, and not have to type in a chat room like CE6 giveICEanvas major access components, which allow for greater student-to- teacher instructional learning.

As addressed before the ability to reach across the world and acquire information in a students’ yearning for learning, by following structured assignments out of class, allows the student to garner more educational Canvas allows for all of this interaction. Students are now able to submit assignments more easily and track their submittals. Students prosper from the fact that when they open Canvas they will see their upcoming and due assignments thus allowing for better student preparation and delivery.

Canvas can also allow for that frantic feeling that most students have when it comes to test time. (Never underestimate the power of assignments due and tests pending they are extremely motivational to the student seeking to excel. ) Having an active class assignment readily available is never a deterrent to active learning. Professional experiences over the past three years in Business Supervision and Management are a testament to the power of new technology. Prior to enrolling many students have no idea how to prepare for their upcoming roles in society and in this case the business world.

Through multiple class experiences in Human Resources, Business Ethics and the Law, Business Accounting, Teamwork, Leadership Practices, Management and Organizational Policy, Computer Systems Analysis and Design, Edison State College and its teaching staff, have shown themselves to be professional. They are demanding, exasperating, dignified, helpful, and well versed in their fields of expertise. Any student going into, continuing or going back into the business world should feel confident that they are more prepared than most of their peers.

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