Economics and Business Environment Assignment

Economics and Business Environment Assignment Words: 280

The objective of this paper is to sensitizes the student about the business environment in the Indian context. The political, economic, legal and technological environment Is also Included In the course.

Unlit Business Environment: Concept, Nature and scope of Business Environment, Global Business Environment, Business Environment in the Indian context [6] Unlit Economic Environment : Types of economic policies, economic liberalizing, fiscal and monetary policies and budget; WTFO and international economy Industrial policy – Trade Policy – Economic Development and role of government – Prevarication & Public Systems Management. 10] Unit Political & Legal environment: Political institutions – Legislature – executive – Judiciary Interaction between political Institutions and business, firm; legal framework of business; Company laws; Labor legislations: Consumer Protection Act, 1986. [6] Unit Technological Environment; Impact of Technology, Technology and Society; Trends in Technology Management, Issues & Challenges [6] Unit Social Environment: Business and Society: Social responsibility of Business; Social pressures, groups and dimensions.

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Natural Environment: Environmental aspects In business – Environmental hazards: Government role and Interventions. [6] Unit Indian Contract Act – 1872. Sale of Goods Act 1930- – Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 ? Companies Act ? 1956 ? Consumer Protection Act and Cyber Laws, MRS. Act. Competition Law Environmental Act. [6] SUGGESTED READINGS: 1 . Sweatshop (2011) Essentials of Business Environment. Bombay: Himalaya Publishing House 2. Francis Criminal (2007) Business Environment.

Bombay: Hallway Fuddling House, Bombay 3. Garlic, Raja (2002) Business Environment, New Delhi: Excel Books 4. Mathew M. J. (2003), Business Environment: A study of socio cultural, economic and legal environment in business, Jasper ORBS Publishers Internal Examinations and End-semester Exam details and evaluation pattern Three internal examinations out of which best two would be considered. -30% Periodic assignments/ class room quizzes would be given-5% Attendance-5% End semester examination -60%

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