Economic Issues Simulation Paper Assignment

Economic Issues Simulation Paper Assignment Words: 535

Based on your analysis of potential utilization, give at least two reasons why each plan could be selected for each company. Then select one of the two companies and state which plan you would select to sell to that company? What are the reasons for this decision? Why did you not select the other plan offered? * * Your paper should be organized so that each question serves as a subheading followed by the discussion, I. E. Two Reasons Why Each Plan Could Be Selected, Which Plan Selected and Reasons for the Decision, and Why the Other Plan Were Eliminated. * * Include a Title page and a Conclusion. Format your paper consistent with PAP guidelines as described in team the Assignment Format – Easy Version document and the Wok Individual Assignment Outline document posted in the Course Materials forum located Just below the Chat Room. * Post your assignment in the Assignment Section on your student web page. Post an Individual Certificate along with your assignment, not part of your assignment. 80% Appropriateness Criteria: Meets the objectives of assignment and key elements of assignment are covered. Content is comprehensive, accurate and persuasive.

Major points supported by specific details and/or examples. Assessment: Student adequately meets the objectives of the assignment. Student describes and contrasts the plans and adequately discusses which of the plans they would select. Student provides the demographic and health risk factors of the two companies which would influence the decision as to which plan best fits each company. Student provides at least two reasons why each plan could be selected and discusses their reasoning tort selecting their choice to plan and why the other plans ere eliminated.

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A spreadsheet outlining the employee medical risks of employee group is provided in this VEAL. * Earned 10% Organization Criteria: Logical sequence of arguments and/or subject matter. Introductory section provides background on the topic and previews major points. Central theme or purpose is immediately clear. Subsequent sections develop and/or support the central theme of the assignment. Conclusion follows logically from the body of the paper. Student presents an extensive logical sequence of arguments on the subject matter purporting the main theme of the paper.

Paper is well organized with subheadings to lead reader from one topic of discussion to the next. Conclusion follows logically from the body of the paper. Earned 10% Presentation, Structure and Format Criteria: Citations from readings and other sources follow proper guidelines. Structure is clear, logical and easy to follow with student effectively using headings and other reader friendly tools. Paper is neat and show attention to details. Rules of grammar, usage punctuation are followed. Spelling is correct.

Sentences are well constructed with consistently strong, varied structure. Transitions between sentences, paragraphs and/or sections help maintain the flow of thought. Words used are precise and unambiguous Paper suffers from no sentence structure, grammar or syntax errors. Student exhibits a comprehensive thought process and an ability to communicate knowledge effectively. Effective use of subtopic headings to help lead the reader through the discussion and eases the transition from one idea or concept to the next. Paper is neat with proper attention to details.

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