Simulation Paper Assignment

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As the Quality Control Manager of Aquino, a who makes quartz and mechanical watches, I am responsible for determining the cause of a decline in sales by September1st. Howard Grey, CEO of Aquino, is not pleased that the market shares are at their lowest percent and has allocated $20,000 to for the collection of information.

Howard has scheduled a meeting with Jean DeBua, Uma Gardener and Amanda Hamilton, whom are all member of the Board of Directors. Amanda, who also works for Aquine, recently recruited Krysten Neiman as Aquine’s spokes person, who is a acclaimed for winning many races. Amanda believed that the decrease in sales was caused by the quality of the mechanics and advertisement would assist in boosting sales. During my first test study, I chose Perception about Chronometers to determine how the customers perceive the certification of the watches.

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I was able to confirm Amanda’s thoughts that the market would respond well to advertisements that included Krysten Neiman and would possibly increase sales. The information gained from the Mechanical Watch Industry showed “complete perspective” of the industry. During the third month of my assignment, three tests were failed: maximum variation, mean variation, and horizontal and vertical difference. Howard suggested implementing a confidence interval to determine were the errors occurred and how they could be fixed.

I chose to purchase the Upgrade Poising Machine, which determines and ensured accuracy. Customized Movement Holders were also purchased to secure movement while purchasing the Upgrading Timing Machine allowed stability during manufacturing in order to maintain accuracy while being assembled. Having chose the appropriate tests, I was able to assist in the increase of future sales. Howard was able to meet with the board on September 1st with the information that he desired.

With the proper testing and appropriate advertisement strategies Aquine watch sales will continue to increase. References University of Phoenix. (2008). Using Probability Distribution in Research [Computer Software]. Retrieved March 1, 2008, from University of Phoenix, Simulation, RES 341. University of Phoenix. (2008). Applied Statistics in Business and Economics;Sampling Distributions and Estimation. Retrieved February 27, 2009, from University of Phoenix, Week Four, RES 341.

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