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I don’t have the most severe case of Epilepsy but do suffer convulsion and loss of consciousness (Manifestation). On a typical day I wake up and do normal activities, I brush my teeth I shower and eat breakfast. On a bad I have to skip showers because my mom is worries I may fall in the shower and hurt my self. You may be asking how can I tell a good day from a bad day? On bad days I usually have the feeling of a heavy head and my mom says I am very moody and not talkative. When I go out I always have to bring my best pal Molly.

Molly is a golden retriever that serves as my pet and also a service dog. She helps when have seizures when I’m alone. Usually people stereotype when they see me with molly and just think I have her kind of as an accessory but the truth is she is my life savior. I am allowed to drive since my case is not so severe but I only drive to work or school. Work for the company Radio Shack it’s a very laid back job. Am a sales rep and do my job well. Molly doesn’t have to go with me everywhere especially if I’m around people for a long time like at work.

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At my job I assist customers with their electronic needs. Everyday is a new day, meaning I may wake up convulsing more than usual. On a bad day my parents will have to help me with regular activities due to the fact that my muscles are tense (Manifestation). Brushing my teeth may be difficult as well as eating. On days like these I cannot drive so my parents are with me most of the day witch becomes a burden for my family. Luckily this is very rare but does happen. Over 2 million people in the U.

S have Epilepsy (Server, Shafer 201 5) witch is a lot ore people then I ever thought, so it’s not a very rare disability, people don’t treat me any different because not many people honestly know. But my close family and friends do shelter me a lot. I have a great support group that always is on top of things that would trigger seizures, for example if we go out to bowling they make sure its not strobe lighting witch is the only thing I have come to notice that will trigger a situation. People normally ask me if I just periodically or timely have seizures and the answer is no.

They are always random and sometimes happen on good days just s intense on bad days. Normally get a lot of questions when molly is around because they don’t realize how much of help she is. I also get a lot of questions about mental illness but my case is more genetic rather than illness or injury (Server, Shafer 2015). My favorite thing to experience is life. Everyday I have a good day I’m grateful for and I always go out to exercise and have a good time with my friends. I n conclusion it has been a challenge having to adapt to long distances walking within Texas state with just molly and no one else.

This semester I did tense up n school and I started to panic but luckily molly noticed and instantly got peoples attention that helped me calm down and help me call my parents. Besides that living with Epilepsy is not the end of the world I think with a good support group anything is possible. This assignment helped me realize how important it is to be open minded to every person in the world. Adapting communication is very important because it is the fundamental tool for our survival. With out it people find them self to be very useless that’s why think its very important to help people with disabilities such as epilepsy.

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