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The 20th century witnessed utmost usable Invention of computers. The invention of the wonder machine was considered a heavy leap in the history of our civilization. As technology advanced, so were the computers trained to program according to the needs of its users. A sensational endeavor, its launch gifted mankind an encyclopedia of wisdom which facilitated the re-brushing of our long forgotten hooks on history and today it stands as the epitome of fulfilling man’s never ending desires. E- commerce, e-banking, e-books, and what not!

Nowhere in his wildest dreams would use who Invented the first freely programmable computer, would have Imagined his invention to go this long a way to grab an entire nation’s attention. The reigning glory as much as It Is to be marveled at, however, came furnished with quite a few banes. Reduce One’s Outlook A prolonged usage of computers decimates your sense of conceiving knowledge to that obtainable within a computer frame. This calls for less participation in real life activities while you start perceiving everything as artificial. Man gets labeled as cynical and introverted.

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One is drained off his conceptions as he materializes himself to be auctioned. His life remains held on a string in a world, somewhere between the real and the unreal. The Addictive Syndrome Addiction demands a total resignation to forces that command your thoughts and actions. Ever since the universe saw Its first light, man was considered the supreme force and every matter revolved around him. Today, man who called himself unbeatable has laid his weapons In defeat to a machines He, who was the most powerful, is now a slave to some lifeless machinated box.

As the situation deems to e pathetic, It’s interesting how Irony has played Its wits on humans. Laziness- The Pied Wiper Sitting for several hours In front of a PC suggest laziness. Being lazy reduces one to everything short of self respect. It wipes away the gentleman in you and people begin to spot defects that can be cancerous. Laziness prevents the realization and understanding of one’s inherent skills. A slothful approach weakens the proper functioning of our body systems. The lazy man is the home of the useless. It carries one to the devil’s workshop. Moving a chair can perhaps become a difficult task to be aired out by the laziest!

Effect on Health An unhealthy Individual can never bask In the glory of being healthy. Using computers for longer periods affect one’s nervous system which in turn can hinder the proper functioning of your brain. This might even lead to short term/ long term memory losses. While a computer is useful in several ways, exposure to radiations emitted from them Is the prime cause of various strain disorders. The key to a successful life is to remain healthy. A clear mind is the door to a clear vision. Proper planning and understanding of Ideas always demand a healthy mind.

On the contrary, an unhealthy individual is the owner of a clouded mind and disturbed soul. Susceptible to Unproductive Activities A computer can be best considered as a resource that aids us In gathering information. This frame of reference moots gaming on computers as a form of an entire day leads to nothing constructive. While the competitive world demands productive outputs from individuals; sitting idly looking at a computer screen is not going to help. We accomplish nothing and get tagged as unsuccessful. The information the computer provides is the only knowledge we get exposed to.

A responsible citizen should also be aware of his land and the various happenings in his society. Computer addicts are ignorant to every happening in his city. The Joy of living among a group of people always helps in a spiritual learning which computers cannot provide. Life is an experience. It’s a pity to remain inexperienced in an increasingly adept world. Tamper’s your Creativity Most of us are used to the ‘copy paste’ method of writing assignments, projects and similar tasks. Carbon copies of ready information accessed from computers mostly make our homework.

Technology has tampered our thoughts to an extent where we do not make an effort to do some extra research. Every individual is born with inbuilt creative skills. Proper channeling of our creativity can take us places. Intelligence is not about submitting a forged piece of work before some due date. It demands the exploitation of your thoughts to provide information that is new to the world and helps in structuring the proper foundation to success. May be your thoughts and insights could be of better aid to a developing country than the resources a computer neonates.

However, the present day influence is epidemic restricting the flow of free thoughts. Prey to vicious crimes The dominance a computer has over mankind is hypnotic. This can lead him to committing heinous crimes that has a negative impact on the environment. Tasting the spiciest food has been leisure to us. Adding to this, the belief man is invincible took him to places he is restricted entry. Watching the same movies and chatting with known friends for a very long period becomes a monotonous routine, prompting him to go for more entertainment.

The tendency can be best acknowledged for the various cases of spamming, mallards and hacking, which under law are punishable offences. The dangers involved in chatting with strangers have ruined many a life over the past few years. It’s high time we woke to the realization that the world needs not potential killers and criminals but a responsible bunch who can contribute the next leap to development. Effect on Education Every step to a developed nation is complete when the youth cooperates. There buds a symbiotic relationship insisting the youth to play its part.

However technology has ailed his eyes from reality and the only thing that interests him is a computer. Gaming, chatting and other tempting software’s are the apples in his eyes. This reduces the average study time of an individual, the result; a fruitless education. The effort he needs to devote himself to is literally nil. Reaping a negotiable output requires the sowing of proper inputs. Spending less time in learning life’s lessons can affect you – socially, financially and mentally- in future. Strain to the Eyes God created man as the guardian of his universe. He bestowed man with vision to savoir the bounties of nature.

While he has to provide them the greatest care, he strains them for passing pleasures. Exerting stress causes damage to the eye cells which can even impair one’s eye sight. It necessitates the wearing of glasses, which of late though considered a beauty icon, is slowly eating our ability to see things. From worldly pleasures and we are destined to live with the nights. A dawn never comes visiting our thoughts. Impact on social life Man is a social animal. His survival deems an interactive society. Sharing his ideas, thoughts and beliefs with others play a key role to his existence.

Computers have locked him somewhere in the dark with no access to the outer world. He mostly remains to himself, secluded from the real world. He gets involved in a gradual transition to becoming nothing but a lifeless machine. He starts to perceive everything in terms of numbers and numerals. His metamorphosis into an emotionless animal arouses anti social tendencies that marks him as an alienated species. Computers might create wonders and help man to reach the acme of success. But, if not controlled it can also be the beginning of everything that requires a second thought.

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