Advantage and Disadvantage Democracy Assignment

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I went to Shannon Vile for a special holiday. I stayed there for two days. In the last day of my trip, I went to the beach again. The view of the sea was extremely beautiful. I walked alone along the beach to absorb the fresh air from the sea. The beach was absolutely beautiful and had a lot of brilliant people on the beach. Some people played volleyball and some people walked along the beach like me. When I reached a small coffee shop, I felt thirsty.

In the coffee shop had a lot of people, but among them had a beautiful lady who wore a red hat and black glasses. She sat alone and watched a photo. When I came next to her, I found that the person on the photo was me. I wondered why she got my photo. At first, I thought that she was my friend. When I saw her face, I knew clearly that she was not my friend. I asked her why she got this photo. She said that she got it when she walked along the street and it was on her way, so she picked it up. She was very friendly. We had a conversation for hours.

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She had many things in common with me. We had fun together and she said that it was a hilarious that she has never met before. We felt delighted and enjoyed our talking in the beautiful beach. Since then, she became my best friend and we have good relationship with each other until present time. Experience of Being Alone In the Forest Last month, I had a Journey to the forest. I went there alone and I brought some foods with me. To reach the middle of the forest took about two hours. I felt extremely exhausted. When I reached the middle of the forest, I decided to have a top.

The landscape In the forest was wonderful and there were many big trees. I had lunch alone in the forest and I took a nap for ten minutes after the lunch time. After taking a nap, I read a book. The title of the book was “Watch Out of the BeВ??. When I read this book, I knew some strategies to protect myself from the bears. I came into the forest because I wanted to have a brilliant experience of being alone in the forest. I was reading and eating at the same time. While I was reading, I heard a strange sound behind me. I looked around but I did not see anything.

I only saw the big trees surround me. I continued my reading for five minutes. I heard the strange sound again. Immediately, I turned back and I saw a big bear behind me. It seemed like a cruel bear. I felt nervous and I did not know how to do. The big bear wanted to attack me, but I tried my best to escape from this bad situation. I ran and screamed without turning back to find the safety place that the bear could not find. After that I knew that I had left my leather bag and everything there. So after this event, I have

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