Differentiate between the economies Assignment

Differentiate between the economies Assignment Words: 380

Differentiate between the economies of the three major regions of the English colonies, as to location and climate, natural resources, use of slave labor, and most valuable products. Describe early forms of technology: transportation and communication In the American colonies Study Suggestions: Reread Chapter sections listed above and review maps and notes taken in class and for homework. Take online section quizzes (use keywords from textbook), chapter reviews and standardized test practices at end of each chapter. (These are also available in your hard-copy book, but w/o answers. )

Required Assignment: Answer sample questions on back of this sheet. Use WALL or type and print out your answers. This will be collected on the day of the test and graded as a homework Sample Questions for US History Unit 1 Test Name three reasons why Europeans wanted to come to the New World. Which countries had major colonies in North America at this time? How did these items change the Americas when brought here by Europeans? Sugar, diseases (small pox, influenza, etc), livestock (cows, pigs, horses) How did these items change Europe when introduced there from the Americas? Potatoes, corn and tobacco.

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How did the importation of sugar to North America change Africa? (Hint: think about what Africa provided in the Triangle Trade) What items did North America sell to Europe/Africa in the Triangle Trade? What items did England sell to the rest of the world in the Triangle Trade? Describe, in detail, the conditions of the Middle Passage. How far west did the British colonies extend in colonial America? Why? Did most people live in the cities or the country? What did they do for a living? Roughly how many people lived in the British colonies during this time? Why did more slaves live in the South than in the North?

What were America’s three most profitable products? Why were the three most populated cities at the time (Philadelphia, Boston, and New York) all located on the water? Describe the daily life of colonists in the sass’s. How was it different from ours? What effect did the available technology in transportation and communication have on the daily lives of the colonists? Discuss time, money, convenience, and safety.

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