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Definition of Homonymy Assignment Words: 512

The horse’s (main/mane) flow in the wind when it is galloping received (male/mail) from my sister last week. She says she is pregnant The poor little girl won’t go to school tomorrow, she has got the (flew/flu/flue) Ill. 3. 4. Sonic, you should see a doctor, your face looks very (pale/pail) 5. This (witch/which) is trying to make a concoction to turn herself into a friendly fairy. 6. Dogs wag their (tails/tales) when they are happy. B. POLYMER – Polymer is a relation in which a single word has two or more slightly different but closely related meanings.

When we encounter two or more words with the same form and related meaning, we have what is technically known as polymer. Polymer can be defined as one form (written or spoken) having multiple meanings that are all related by extension. – Examples are the word HEAD, used to refer to the object on top of your body, on top of a glass of beer, person at the top of a company or department and many other things. FOOT: – Foot of person – foot of bed – foot of mountain RUN: – person does – Water does – Colors do I ran home – I ran the families restaurant Way to London- way to success

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Mouth – mouth of river The voting was done by the show of hands – The hands of the clock shows half past II. Distinction between Polymer and Homonym ten – It is necessary to differentiate between polymer (e. G. Head of a cabbage, head of department) and homonym (e. G. Liver = living person, liver = the organ that produces Die) – IT we are not sure winter Deterrent uses AT a single word are examples of homonym or polymer, we can check in a dictionary + If the word has multiple meanings (I. E. T is polygamous), the there will be a single entry, with a numbered list of the different meanings of the word + If the two words are treated as homonyms, they will typically have two separate entries. ( It is possible for two forms to be distinguished via homonym and for one of the forms also to have uses via polymer. – The word date (a thing we eat) and date(a point in time) are homonyms – Date (a point of time) is polygamous in terms of a particular day and month (on a letter), an arranged meeting time (an appointment), a social meeting (with someone we like), and even a person (that person we like).

Ill. Assignment Exercise on Polymer & Homonym: Are the senses of the italicized and underlined words related, I. E. , is there one word with polygamous senses, or are these homonyms? (a) The ship was listing badly. We are listing the requirements for the course. Diamond ring. His glass left a ring on the table. (c) They came to a fork in the road. He placed the fork beside the knife on the plate. Lap the water.

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