Define Motivation, Explain How the Expectancy Theory Works Assignment

Define Motivation, Explain How the Expectancy Theory Works Assignment Words: 319

This del, namely expectancy theory (Broom, 1964; Porter and Lawyer, 1 968), suggests that individuals, acting through self-interest, adopt courses of action perceived as maximizing the probability of desirable outcomes for themselves. This desire to maximize self-interest provides aspiring leaders with unique opportunities to assume leadership roles by simultaneously meeting both follower needs and organizational requirements I Sample, location, method of data collection and analysis I Article was only theoretical.

No empirical evidence offered I Findings/ Interpretations reported In the article I Leadership Is hard work because It means stepping forward and taking the time to motivate each follower on a personal basis, according to the principles of the model of expectancy theory. I Significance/ contribution of the article in relation to your other articles and your topic I This article also contains solid information which outlines that the expectancy theory is used by leadership to motivate their employee’s by meeting their expectation which hen inspires them to perform their task highly.

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I Strengths of the article I Well researched with strong background in the exploration prior of research I Weaknesses of the article I No weakness indicated as the expectancy theory has proven to be vital for leadership and management. I Quotes from the article that you plan to use in your assignment I N. H. Broom (1964) suggested that people consciously choose particular courses of action, based upon perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs, as a consequence of their desires to enhance pleasure and avoid pain”.

Leadership And Motivation: The Effective Application Of Expectancy Theory) Summer 2001 p 214 | Quotes from the article that you plan to use In your assignment I “In essence, the model suggests that the individual feels motivated when three conditions are perceived” 1 . The personal expenditure of effort will result in an acceptable level of performance. 2. The performance level achieved will result in a specific out-come for the persons.

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