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As the database consultant it will be necessary to assist with the development of a design strategy for student records. The following has been determined after meeting with various university subject matter experts: Faculty groups are divided by core competencies that the university offers. Courses are categorized by course code and title. Certain courses have prerequisites and the university has asked for this to be cataloged as well. There are various schools within each campus.

The study path for students requires that they be enrolled in a specific professional study program. The professional study program requires the students to complete a specific set of core courses. The university also requires that an online grade book be available. The online grade book should show grades awarded to students for specific courses and the term they completed the course. The university identifies each student by his or her name, date of birth, social, and professional study program.

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Provide an Entity Relationship Model (ERM) that will describe the data structure that will store all data elements. Refer to Figure 1 Figure 1 Describe any assumptions or limitations for each relationship. The assumptions are the professors can teach multiple classes but the limitation is each professor is limited to teaching at one specific campus and school. Create he primary key and foreign keys using a ML Class diagram for each table. Refer to Figure 2 Suggest at least four (4) types of business intelligence reports.

In the database management system world one database manager came up with his personalized business intelligence reports that would apply to database management. Below are 4 of the 5 business intelligence reports as it relates to database management: (Research, 2012) Real-time (preferably with a modifier such as “quasi” or “human”) Tactical (or task-oriented/-centric) Investigative (or exploratory) Traditional Three suggested registrar and school management database systems vendors.

In the database management system world one database manager came up with his personalized business intelligence reports that would apply to database Rebound is an industry-leading education software firm dedicated to providing flexible and highly-functional, easy-to-use Student Information Systems for many different types of education institutions, from traditional universities to vocational training centers.

Rebounds Einstein System allows all administrators and staff to manager institutions through ONE platform, eliminating the need to transfer records from one system to another. Instructors can access grosbeaks ND prepare lesson plans from any web-connected computer through Rebounds Einstein System instructor portal. Students can view their progress reports in real time, participate in class discussion groups, take quizzes, and submit homework assignments, all online through Rebounds Einstein System student portal.

Streamline Operations?Rebounds hosted, Software-as-a-Service approach allows unique solutions to be created each client’s unique needs. Flexible Solutions Rebounds Einstein system can completely integrate events, announcements, and staff directories with the institution’s website. The system can support international standards and many languages. The benefits for administrators are overwhelming. Administrators can view and manage all operational and academic activities and records from any internet-connected computer in a highly secured web environment.

Some of the benefits for Administrators are: Use powerful, real-time reporting tools View and maintain student, teacher & staff records Manage admissions & application process View past and current grade reports Instructors using the Einstein system can manage class activities, prepare lesson plans, post quizzes, receive homework online, and maintain immunization with students on a regular basis. Progress reports can be generated automatically to help teachers assist students in improving class performance.

Some of the features for instructors are: Maintain grosbeaks Create and update lesson plans Log attendance Maintain progress reports Rebounds Einstein System allows students to follow their academic progress in their classes. Each student will be given a surname and password to access their academic records from any internet-connected computer. Some of the features for students are: Track homework assignments Communicate with peers and instructors View grades View academic reports (Rebound, 2014) A second registrar and school management database systems vendors to consider is Three Rivers Systems.

Three Rivers Systems is an administrative solutions for higher education established in 1985. Three Rivers Systems offers CAM a comprehensive academic management system for colleges and universities worldwide. From first contact with a prospective student through graduation and alumni relations, the CAMS academic ERP software efficiently manages the full student lifestyle by combining into one solution: Admissions/ CRM Registration Financial Aid Fiscal Management

Document Management Student Services Portals Built-in Course Management/ALMS Development Alumni Relations As creator of the CAMS academic enterprise resource planning ? or ERP solution, Three Rivers Systems has been a trusted partner of higher education institutions for more than 25 years, offering complete implementation, training, project management and support services for CAMS clients. (Systems, 2012) Another competitor to consider is Stars Campus Solutions.

[email protected] is a cloud- based campus management system that securely and reliably maintains operational data for colleges and schools. [email protected] school information system engages the entire student life cycle from lead to placement. Key school performance data is available at your fingertips! The reliability of the STARS school management system is unparalleled. (Solutions, 2013) Compare and contrast the key aspects that each system offers.

The number of key aspects that each system offers is unimaginable. All three vendors boast of similarities. A few to mention are Instructor grade books, attendance scanning, Email and testing capabilities student financial tracking, and Student academic record keeping. One key aspect that two out of the three vendors offer for their systems is the loud service. As business continues to grow for some companies the cloud has been the solution for big file storage.

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