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Darwin is very famous for his theory of evolution through natural selection, a watershed in humanity’s perceptive of itself and its position in nature. As a sociological manuscript the Dictionary’s main duty in this access was to account the connections that sociologists have made between Darwinism and human society.

Therefore, we examine that Spencer’s social evolutionism primed many thinkers to fit Darwin’s scientific theory into their academic works, and that Social Darwinism arose towards the end of the nineteenth century, marked in the eugenics movement. Nevertheless, the treatment of modern Darwinism is limited to disrupted equilibrium theory, leaving typical ideas unremarked. Sociobiology and ethology, two modern Darwinian sciences bearing on social behavior, are not cross-referenced, let alone argued. IQ tests are significantly misused in attempts to establish some races inferior using culturally-biased standards. Because modern tests may still hold such biases, a fixed or innate level of general intelligence remains unproved.Social Darwinism found its place in German scientific community at the end of the nineteenth century. Supporters of this theory were of the view that medical care had interrupted the natural struggle for existence by preserving the weak and that imperfect persons were reproducing faster than healthy ones. Thakur says that the eugenics movement felt a mixture of anxiety and approval at the development of eugenics in Germany. “The difficulties which the eugenics movement faced when the full character of Nazi eugenics became known after 1945 were considerable.” (Thakur 13)

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