Current Trends in Restaurants Assignment

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ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION COVER SHEET Submission date: 10 October 2008 Abstract: This paper reports the trends in operation, targeted customers and design in restaurant around the world. CURRENT TRENDS IN RESTAURANTS OVER THE WORLD Contents {text:bookmark-start} INTRODUCTION {text:bookmark-end} Service style Operating hours Menu and Customer Site and Design Technology {text:bookmark-start} TRENDS IN SERVICE STYLES {text:bookmark-end} €Million Top 5 Foodservice Operators in Europe (2006) {text:bookmark-start} COMMON TRENDS IN OPENING HOURS {text:bookmark-end} {draw:frame} text:bookmark-start} WHAT IS HOT ON RESTAURANT MENUS AND MAIN GROUP OF CUSTOMERS {text:bookmark-end} As the population is getting older, the restaurant menus must follow the needs of the elderly whose sense of taste is no longer precise. By that way, there are a large number of menus containing strong-flavour foods, especially spicies. In beverage area, people now are coming back with beer. According to a survey by Gallup, in 2006, 41% of American drinkers said they drink beer most often. text:bookmark-start} DESIGN AND EQUIPMENTS {text:bookmark-end} {draw:frame} To satisfy the need of casual and warm place for eating of customers, nowadays, the naturally looking materials are being used for restaurant instead of glass and metal. Besides, warm colours like light gray or chocolate brown are also used to create warm and familiar dining room. In the kitchen, the multi-purpose equipments are the most famous style. 33% of chefs of American Culinary Federation thought that those equipments are the hottest trend in the year 2007 and in the future. text:bookmark-start} TECHNOLOGY IS A PART OF RESTAURANT {text:bookmark-end} Quick service operators are using technology to satisfy the demand of guest and optimize their efficiency. A recent survey by National Restaurant Association showed that 63% of customers want to get quick electronic service at their table. {draw:frame} The ever-rising price of food cost that went up 7. 2% in August presses the restaurant managers to find more solutions for cost saving. The most popular way is to use the high-technique cooking machine that can reduce the waste of energy.

The modern and widely used gas fryer, for instance, can save up to 50% for gas and 80% for electricity. {text:bookmark-start} CONCLUSION {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-start} REFERENCE {text:bookmark-end} REPORT & SURVEY Rowe, M. (2007) Chew on this, Restaurant Hospitality Dining Insight Study 2007 National Restaurant Association, (2007) What’s Hot & What’s Not Chefs survey ARTICLES LaFave, C. (2008) Business: All Night Long, Restaurants & Intuitions Magazine Panitz, B. 2002) Food Trends: Tracking What’s Hot and What’s Not, Restaurants USA magazine Hamaker, S. S. (2000) Delicious by Design: Creating an Unforgettable Dining Experience, Restaurants USA magazine PODCASTS WEBSITES Horizons news, top 100 food service operators in Europe, horizonsforsuccess. com Foodservice Industry News, (2008) Food inflation continues to take its toll on foodservice margins, horizonsforsuccess. com (2006) Beer back on top, Realbear. com (2007) Current Trends in Foodservice, escoffier. com (750 words)

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