Case Analysis on Marketing Maize-Rice in Indonesia Assignment

Case Analysis on Marketing Maize-Rice in Indonesia Assignment Words: 262

“Smoke” Organization CEO holding limited company was originally established in 1955 as small trading company namely “Look Limited”. The chairman and chief executive of the company DRY. Michael Smoke has passed through many challenges in order to build one of the best and Viable business groups in west Africa after he inherited a small trading company from his father. The company brand name ” Smoke” Almost recognize as identical as frozen fish all over Nigeria.

Step by step the many begin to diversify its products in the early of 1984 into more than forty company with different product and service lines, with a parent name ” Smoke Organization. Such evolution takes place as follows:- In 1957 the company introduces a new product “Frozen Fish” to over all Nigeria in order to close the shortage of a diet protein in the country.

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Even though there was a market resistance in the introduction period due to organized propaganda claiming that those products are “bad products” shipped by western world, latter on the many become success full to the extent that the family name Is today broadly associated with the product. In addition to that the company also Introduces distribution of frozen meat, poultry, cold storage, and refrigeration equipment. In 1963 the company corporate business starts with Eek Holding Ltd. , organized to serve as holding company to already started companies. The company has 2,000,000 authorized shares with a par value of $ 2, half of these shares Is Issued and fully paid ND the remaining half of It also set as a preferred stock.

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