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A few months after I was born we move to Jacksonville, Florida. My siblings at the time were four and one years old. From videos I’ve seen my siblings seem happy to have a little sisters. They played with me and sang to me. was kind Of chubby so my mom called me fluffy. At the time my mom was a stay at home mom, she would read to me, sing to me, and comfort me. was a happy and friendly baby. I liked to clap and sing. I wanted to do whatever my older brother did. We were eighteen months apart. After I learned how to walk was his shadow. wanted to be independent. I want to feed myself and dress myself.

My mom was there to show me how and to elp me when I was having trouble. My brothers also helped by tying my shoes and washing my hands when needed. I really can’t remember much from birth to eighteen months. My mom did a great job of recording it for me. We have many video tapes and my baby book is filled with milestone moments. This stage of my life I believe my parents provided me with the ability to trust. Hope was given. My parents were there to comfort me and give me what needed at that particular time. They were consistent with me. They showed me love and spent one on one time with me.

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They played with me and made me laughed. They made me feel safe and secure. Now, I’m able to trust. I don’t have to feel like everyone is out to get me. Autonomy vs. Shame During this stage was a busy body. I wanted to do more for myself. I was my mom little helper. I became a big sister, so I wanted to help with everything concerning my baby brother. Under my mother’s supervision I would put his socks on. I was one happy little camper. My mom would pick my clothes out and I would dress myself to the best of my abilities. I liked to clean up; my mom would give me simple tasks.

Some of the tasks were cleaning the table, picking up my toys, putting my jacket/shoes in their proper lace. My morning routine was to get up, use the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, put my clothes on, straighten my bed with the help of my mom and eat breakfast. I was potty trained when I was two years old. My mom said I was trained fairly quickly. can remember when was taught how to tie my shoes. couldn’t get it for anything. They showed me over and over, but I still couldn’t get it. They left me in the room. I was determined to tie my shoes. sat on that bed every day practicing until I got it.

I was so happy. I wanted to show everybody. That taught me to never give up. I may not get it he first or second time, but if keep trying will accomplish the task. My parents were big on helping me assert my independence. With there being four children, one was a baby, at the time it was going to make it a little easier on my parents in the future. They were patient with me. They encouraged me to do things for myself. They also praised me when I accomplished a task. It may not have been perfect or done perfectly, but they made me feel like I really did a good job.

As time passed I got better. I appreciate my parents for not doing everything for me. I know at times I will have to depend on others to do things for me. If I can do it, then I want to do it. I like the feeling of independence as opposed to dependence. Initiative vs. Guilt During stage three I was in head start. I can’t remember the name, but it was in Inverness, MS. We were staying with my grandparents at the time. My dad was overseas with the Navy. My birthday is late so had to stay in head start an extra year. I liked playing dress up. My mom had bought me some children’s makeup.

I would put on my clothes, makeup, plastic heels and purse. You couldn’t tell me anything. At this time there were five of us. So didnt have any issues playing with other children. I would like to play teacher ith my younger brother. I had to occasionally make mud pies to keep his attention. I don’t believe I was that much ofa talker. I may have asked a couple of questions here and there. I doubt if I was constantly asking questions. My sister was a baby at this time; therefore I really couldn’t play with her. tried to keep up with my older brothers and cousins, but they didnt want to play with me.

I had to entertain myself at times. spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandmother. I loved helping my grandmother cook. I also had an Easy Bake Oven that I would use to bake cakes and other dessert for my family. Having older and younger siblings helped me learn how to become a follower as well as a leader. My parents answer the entire question may have. When they saw like to bake, they bought me an Easy Bake Oven. When they saw like figuring out things, they bought me puzzles. When they saw like making things, they bought me a craft set. These things gave me initiative. anted to try new things. I wanted to learn more. These items also taught me responsibility and self-control. I knew had to take care of my stuff if I wanted to play with them daily. couldn’t make or bake everything in one day, if I wanted to play the next day. Plus, my parents bought me refills, but there was a limit. My parents seeing I had an interest in something and giving me the tools needed help to gain some initiative. Industry vs. Inferiority During this stage in my life, I was growing and developing into a pre-teen. Kindergarten and first grade was good. made good grades.

When I look back at some Of my school work from that time, I noticed had trouble with my p, b, d, g. finally got the hang of things. Even if I was having a bad day I was still able to maintain my good grades. During this time I was very social. I really didn’t have a care in the world. I was a girl scout and I was beginning to love to read. I even was in the band for a short period of time. played the flute. We moved and the school I was in didn’t have a band. My parents gave us different assignments to do after homework. We had quizzes, book reports, and different educational activities.

At the time all I want to do was watch television. Not knowing or even care that this would help me in the future. It made me wants to learn more and research things for myself. It also brought out some competitiveness I had hidden deep down inside. I wanted to do better than my siblings. I wanted the highest grade in the class. I don’t recall ever wanting to fit in. I just did wantl liked. I got along mostly everyone. During this time my mom was no longer a stay at home mom. had more responsibility. I was starting to want to become my own person. didn’t like my little following me around anymore.

By the end of this stage I was becoming my own person. Although my parents were not there as much as they were in the other stages. They still played a major role as far as my educations goes. My focus in school was the academic side. wasn’t into sports. didn’t Want to be a cheerleader Or on the dance team. Those things didnt interest me any. I had even lost interest in playing the flute. I was just fine doing my work, being a girl scout, and singing in the choir. My parents gave me many of resources to help with my learning. Ego Identity vs. Role Confusion Stage five is from childhood to adulthood.

These are my high school years at this time our middle school and high school were together. These were some of my best years. Everyone knew who I was from the high school side to the elementary side. I was a goofy student. like to act crazy and have fun. I was no way, shape, form, or fashion a class clown. got my lesson. I graduated with honors. I was the one who march to the beat of her own drum. They didn’t have to like me; I was still going to be me. As far as my body goes I developed at an early age. I really wasn’t in to it. I wore a lot of baggy clothes to hide my figure. I didn’t want or liked the attention. ould dress up on special occasion, field trips, etc. These were the years of my rebellion. I want to go to sleep overs, hang out with my friends, or just go to an event. My parents weren’t having that. I couldn’t dye my hair. had to improvise, I use food coloring Kool-Aid, even peroxide. wanted another hole in my ear, couldn’t get it. So I decided to do it myself. My mom had an earring piercing gun at the house. This particular day got the guts to fulfill one of my dreams. got the gun and went in the bathroom. It took me a moment to build up the courage, but I finally got it. put two holes in each ear.

When my mom came home and noticed it. She was some kind of upset. To make a long story short she made me take them out all that pain and anticipating was for nothing. I was not allowed to wear makeup. thought that was strange because they bought me makeup when I was a child. As far as having a boyfriend or talking to boys on the phone that was a no go. eally didn’t know what wanted to do. All I knew was that I was going to college and really liked science. I sort of struggle with identity and role confusion, I’m glad I overcame those obstacles and I know who am and what I’m supposed to do.

Intimacy vs. Isolation This is my present stage. I am twenty-six years old. have accomplished intimacy. I got married on September 1, 2010. I married my elementary and high school sweetheart. I was twenty-one years old at the time. I got married eleven days before my birthday. We now have four children with one on the way. Their name and ages are; Henry, Ill eight years old, Justin three years old, Amber three years old and Caleb two years old. haven’t come up with a name for my unborn girl yet. She is expected to be here April 20, 2010. As you can see I won’t be isolated for many years to come.

Intimacy is very important for human development. didn’t realize that until reading this stage. This intimacy is more than a sexual thing. If not obtain you are more likely to become depressed. I would think you would be fine or happy with having money or a career. In reality you would need some sort of intimacy to be 0k. Physical interaction on a more intimate level is important. It’s amazing how omeone One can develop a deep connection with someone they never met through talking on the phone, writing letters, or online. It’s not physical, but they are able to share intimacy, just as if they were there in the physical.

I have never experience isolation. grew up in a household of nine. I was always with family. When left home I moved in with my husband. So don’t know how it feels to be alone and don’t want to know that feeling. acquired intimacy quite early in life. Hopefully, will be able to maintain intimacy for years to come. Just having someone to share your life with is so special. ant my children to experience this kind of intimacy not only for my children, but everyone. You can live your life, have all the money in the world, and have everything your heart desire, without intimacy you still will be missing something.

All those things are not even worth it. Something so simple is so important in human growth and development. Stage six is my present stage and I am ready for the rest of the journey. Generativity vs. Stagnation Stage seven have yet to experience. The basic virtue for this stage is care. This stage is during middle adulthood. In this stage you should be establishing a career, family, and settling down. In this stage you should begin to see the big picture. In other words you should get the feeling that this is what life is all about. You become a productive citizen in the community.

You also begin to give back to the community. If you don’t accomplish all or at least so of this things you may feel unproductive. You may feel like a failure or even feel as if you let your life pass you by. During these years expect to be a productive citizen in my community. I should have at least twenty years of experience as a nurse (hopefully). My children would be grown and in college or finishing college and beginning to work on their career. It would be nice if they had their own place and jobs. I know that may be wishful thinking. I plan on still being married to my current husband.

If I am that would be over twenty years of marriage. By this time my house and car should be paid off. might even have a vacation house, who knows. I might even be a grandmother. I would be working to make sure my family is 0k in the future. Close to the end of the stage I should be thinking about retiring. would be an active member in my church. I might even have my own non-profit organization. This organization would feed the hungry; provide shelter and lothes the homeless, give school supplies and household supplies to the less fortunate.

If I don’t have my own non-profit organization, I would be a part of an organization that does the same. would want to give back to my community. I would like to see my community grow and flourish. I want my children to see their mother giving back and being a productive citizen. So they can to continue to keep the cycle going. You might have everything the next person have, but have something to give even if it’s just your time. Ego Integrity vs. Despair My final stage of life is stage eight. This is the retirement stage. I will be a enior citizen. If I have success in this stage will acquire the virtue of wisdom.

Wisdom is something that I would like to obtain. It’s not just about knowing everything, but being able to reflect on things and get some insight. Its being able to use pass experiences good or bad to your advantage. Making the most of every situation. I should have accomplished most if not all of my goals. This stage is like the chill mode stage. This is the stage for reflecting. A time to look over my life and see where I’ve came. My children should have their families and careers by now. If not they should be working on a career r at least have a job. I would probably reminisce about my life.

Hopefully, I’ll have more good memories than regrets. I should be aware that life has it way of showing you things. should know you can’t control life or what difficulties you will have, but as long as you make the best of what you were given. would want to be a wise old lady that my children, grandchildren, even the children look up to me and come to me for advice. These years I would be resting and enjoying life as it comes. After many years of working, getting up early and constantly doing things it would probably be hard at first to get djusted to not doing much.

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