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Try to identify which elements of the nursing role would be similar and/or different between these two fields. Write down these thoughts and include a 2-3-paragraph statement about the origin of your assumptions and biases about the fields (e. g. , have your worked in the field, learned about it in school, perhaps have a family member in the field, or just imagined these assumptions to be true? Finally, in your own words, write brief (no more than 2-3 sentences) definitions of community/public and global health. Consider your initial reflection as you move through the course; you will be asked to re-examine your thoughts on these topics at the end of the semester. For additional details, refer to the Reflection Journal Rubric located in the Assignments and Rubrics folder. personally have not been very interested in community and global health… especially in nursing. can see the importance of it and I truly respect the folks that do it all the time though.

Public health nursing in history was important related to the many diseases that plagued the countryside that had killed millions. I believe the field of nursing stemmed from the epidemics and the need for people to care for the sick overwhelmed the government. Today, diseases still plague the world and the government is still over burdened with the ill, except for now we have provisions and guidelines to maintain not only public safety but that of our own too. Community nursing refers to health promotion, disease prevention, and management of factors that affect health n a local, community type scale.

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Global health refers to the same things but on a global scale. Global meaning affecting other parts of the world rather than whats afflicting in our own backyard. Nurses in both circles still care for the sick but may wear different hats entirely. We as nurses in the IJS sometimes take things for granted, i. e. clean drinking water, food consumption, education, housing. While we are asleep in our beds, many folks in third world countries do not have a safe place to sleep or food in their bellies, or clean drinking water.

My knowledge of this class stems from having taken this class previously at a different school a year ago. I do not believe my desires of not wanting to explore this field are unwarranted. Perhaps some peoples interest lies in changing public policy. In community health nursing, theory, legislation, and research play key roles.

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