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Getting on Twitter everyday is a priority; it’s like a daily task that has to be accomplished. Social media has been one of the top distractions for most teenagers. We are so interested in the things that go on in the world today that the common responsibilities like homework, school, and sometimes-even family are forgotten. It seems as if the Internet has taken over our lives. Why is so distracting? When we search for information online, we typically have to go through numerous pages to find exactly what we need.

Often while exploring the Internet we find advertisements that say interesting things and because it catches out attention we click it and veer off into another direction. This is me all the way. Twitter is my main distraction to why I am always procrastinating. I always have mentions and messages to check because of the popularity I have on the site. I can admit that I sometimes use it to ask questions about homework, but that only lasts for so long. There are many different social media networks that students can Join today and because of that the amount of distractions has increased.

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In addition, because they offer many facial features and exclusive information we can learn about it makes the procrastination process even longer. Procrastination is the thief of time, the Crunch Who Stole Christmas. Procrastination holds you back from what’s important in life and what you have planned. It causes stress and anxiety for undergraduates, especially freshmen because you are fresh out of high school where most of your teachers gave you the leeway of not completing an assignment or turning in late work.

Delaying your work all the time will lead to not being able to retain information, have organization or meet any deadline in a timely manner. Why is procrastination something so many people struggle with? And how do you deal with it? A quick Google search allowed me to learn that majority of universities and colleges recommended laptops for students. They’re portable and have a number of advantages that a desktop can’t provide. Due to the amount of freedom college students have, it develops a lack of concentration on schoolwork.

And having a laptop that promotes Twitter and all social websites increases this lack of concentration even more. We struggle with procrastination so much because the majority of emperor is on computers like essays, quizzes, blobs, readings, and etc. Having this advantage of all homework on the computer gives us the leeway to getting sidetracked on websites. To deal with procrastination you need to develop good time Cultural Artifact By Howard 95 set routine then you more likely to get off track.

But if you do have a strict, consistent schedule its a lot easier to mange your work time and free time. Is procrastination seen more in college and universities students? Several factors conclude that college and university students procrastinate more than your average worker or high school student. Being a college student opens so many doors to becoming an adult and productive individual. The workload is different then your average high school homework and the interaction with your teachers are not as beneficial.

Your social activity is increased by the amount of other students around you because there are so many people to get to know. Even having a Job contributes to procrastination, because once that work flow is over your body is drained and tired. Attending a Top 10 University like Michigan State can be so exciting with all the incentives and organizations you can be apart of. So exciting that it can become overwhelming. College students want to set such high expectations for themselves and achieve them, but also want to enjoy themselves in college.

Because they have this mind-set of wanting to enjoy themselves they get too involved and participate in a lot of organizations, organizations that consist of participation and loyal commitment, which can be hard to Juggle while in school. Coming from an active high school where you were apart of everything makes you want to continue that in college. For example, being a freshman in college I have been introduced to so many things I ant to do. A program called “SPARCstation” gave me a lot of resources and ideas to chose from.

Potentially being apart of these organizations has already put a toll on me because I have so many meetings to attend. Most start late and cause me to be up late doing homework. I procrastinate all week up until the day before an assignment is due because I’m so involved in other things. Being in this college culture gives you no choice, but to procrastinate. You always have to opportunity to complete your work on time, it’s Just a matter of who your surroundings are and the source you’re using to do your assignment. In high school most of my work was on paper.

We used computers frequently, but the assignments given were one day and only in class assignments. Opposed to college everything has usually been on the computer and we have overnights to complete homework. Although there’s a difference between high school and college there’s even more of a difference with the surroundings your in and the peers your around. First hand I can say High School was a little more easier when studying than college because I had one place only to do homework, while at college there are so many places to study, but other students are there also.

In some cases your peers are so distracting and it can be hard to separate yourself. The setting of being around all students is overwhelming, but in a good way. You have many people that relate to you and your interests. You can start off with homework, but veer off in another subject because of the similarities you have with each other. We all want to avoid the discomfort of doing something that’s boring, complicated, pointless or even stupid, but how? Why is checking Twitter and Backbone a fundamental overtime we long onto the computer?

How about we know there’s a paper due this Wednesday, but there’s also a Samba and MERLE meeting Tuesday night. Students’ priorities are mixed up. We feel activities can come first as well as homework. We don’t realize that being in the college culture means you can’t attending the MERLE meeting every Tuesday night beneficial to the paper due every Wednesday morning? We need to remember that we are in school to learn and go further in life and we can’t participate in every event or meeting. Yes the Internet has provided another source for communication and it is accessible by anyone with a click of a mouse, but we have to stay focus.

You need to clear your mind and know hat’s your goal for the task being completed, isolate and distractions such as phones, and work in breaks. Each time you might veer off in another direction Jot down a few words to why you aiming for accomplishment. Distractions so simple as your email is a reason to procrastinate, block out all amusements. Lastly work in time frames. Don’t cram all things in a once or in one day. If you have time to break it off in sections, do that. Overall know you limit. Work Cited awareidistractingdstudentsrcWeaverbirdtp:/Http. dumbliAdumbratively 2Com/06/how-to-stay-focused-when-youre-you’reed. html


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