Critical Thinking: How Questioning Helps Assignment

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The paper takes longer than you thought, ND you are unable to conduct research for the group project by the deadline. You feel bad about this and do not respond to inquiries from group members. You post a message to the group explaining you are having computer problems. The group expresses their empathy and proceeds without you, completing and submitting the project with your name included. A position opens in your department at work. You recommend to a coworker and friend in another department that she should apply.

You previously consulted with this person on small projects, and she appears knowledgeable and responsible. In fact, you became friends through these work contacts. Your friend appreciates your recommendation and arranges a meeting to ask you more details about the work done by your department. The meeting is productive, and your friend takes notes to help with the application process. Your friend stops by your desk a few days later to thank you for your help, because the application was long and detailed.

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She confides that some of the information she included on the application is not entirely accurate. Some of her work experience did not match the job requirements and needed to be reworded for a better fit. Your friend thanks o again and says, “I hope we’ll be working together soon! ” Part A: Write five questions you need to ask yourself to help you think through the situation and determine a course of action. 1. Is what my friend is doing even legal? 2. How do I go about reporting this situation? 3. Should I go to my supervisor about her lying on her application? . My friend is in the wrong, but should I confront her about it? 5. I wonder if should go consulate my fellow coworkers. Maybe they can help. Part B: Questioning yourself, as you did in the exercise above, is a form of critical thinking. This can, in turn, help you understand more about how you ark. Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: What were your aptitude results? There were two results that stood out to me. And a couple other competencies that didn’t surprise me. The first one was an eye opener to me. Cored 2 out of a possible 5 ranking. Theses really bad, I wish I could have done better. Butt know that will improve that in due time. Persuading, Presenting, and Writing were my highest with a 3 out of 5. That made my confidence go up even higher. I have learned so much from the orientation. The way they taught me how to make my responses be substantial has opened, any doors for me. I am expressing my self-better threw tone and structure of my small paragraph response. Feel that this is giving me better typing skills on my computer.

I’m up to 50 raw word a minute. That’s pretty good if do say so myself. Describe your capacity to resolve complex situations and solve problems based on your results. Scored low in leading and cooperating. But for some reason I feel like that is wrong. Know I’m a good leader. There has been times where I was put in charge of a complex situation and handled it very well. And the outcome was very positive. Feel like I didn’t do well on this aptitude test. I need to focus ore into detail on what the questions are really asking. And what it is looking for. What are you strengths and weaknesses in the area of reasoning and critical thinking? Feel if so my strengths outweigh my weakness. I have a pretty good mind set going and it’s worked for me up until now. I see the situation as a whole. The first thing I do is ask myself some questions: Is it safe? , Does the law or company policy allow it? , Would it just hold me back or bring me forward in life? I don’t just jump to conclusions. It’s a process. And my weakness would have to be just that, a process. I wish could see the best outcome without owing through all Of that.

But on the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t take the easy way out. I wouldn’t be where am today if I always were to shot the gun. How will understanding this help you in both your academic life and workplace? When I learn something new or a better way to improve myself, put it to use right away. That way it’s fresh in my mind still. There is a since of pride in improving yourself when you want it to happen. Ever since I started, I’ve learned not only to manage my time better. But to stay motivated with finishing my assignments on time. I have never felt better about myself.

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