Critical Analysis Paper Assignment

Critical Analysis Paper Assignment Words: 368

If you know for a fact that you are going to be absent, you are responsible for having the completed paper delivered to the instructor by the time the class starts. The Critical Analysis Paper will not be accepted early, late, or by email. Goal: Pick one of the assignments and write a critical analysis paper (minimum is four pages) in response to it, citing (direct quoting or paraphrasing) the corresponding textual source(s) to help introduce your ideas as well as utside sources to synthesize what you’re writing about.

MLA Style parenthetical citations must be used (no block quoting) and a Works Cited Page is required as well but does not count towards the four-page minimum. 1 . F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” is a rags-to-riches story centered on Dexter Green yet the author has chosen to revolve the story around his life as it relates to Judy Jones. At the heart of this story is the American Dream, indeed the piece begins with dreaming going on.

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What you will do for this aper is break the story down as it relates to the desire for wealth, love, and anything else you feel connects to the concept of the American Dream. 2. Dylan Thomas’ “Fern Hill” is a poem filled with multiple themes, which include, but are not limited to: faith, spirituality, the past, and nostalgia. Perform a critical analysis (line-by-line) reading of this poem (which includes a close reading infused with outside sources in order to show how scholars back you up). Outside Sources: You are required to use four outside sources in the crafting of this paper.

Use the digital database of scholarly journals provided by Essex County College, through the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. You’re also able to access the database known as JSTOR through the library at the Rutgers-Newark campus. Once you have met the minimum requirement, you are allowed to include more, if necessary. Also consider the public library and even a bookstore like Barnes & Noble. You must use reliable sources, and because of that very fact, the Internet is off limits (except for what I have listed on this assignment sheet.

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