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Criminology- SMT231 Instructor: Professor Rachel Singer Student: Carlos Fuertes June 30, 2010 Homework Assignment: Page 207 Questions for Review 1. What are the central assumptions of biological theories of crime? How do such theories differ from other perspectives that attempt to explain the same phenomena? A: The brain is the organ of the mind and the locus of personality. The basic determinants of human behavior, including criminal tendencies, are to a considerable degree, constitutionally or genetically based.

Observed gender and racial differences in rates and types of criminality may be at least partially the result of biological differences between the sexes and between really distinct groups. The basic determinants of human behavior, including criminality, may be passed on from generation to generation. Much of human conduct is fundamentally rooted in instinctive behavioral responses characteristic of biological organism everywhere.

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The biological roots of human conduct have become increasingly disguised, as modern symbolic forms of indirect expressive behavior have replaced more primitive and direct ones. At least some human behavior is the result of biological propensities inherited from more primitive developmental stages in the evolutionary process. The interplay among heredity, biological, and the social environment provides the nexus for any realistic consideration of crime causation.

I believe these theories are different from other perspectives, because in the biological theory, they tend to emphasize genetics as the cause of someone’s criminal behavior pattern, where in other theories, they tend to emphasize other factors; such as psychological and sociological factors. 2. What biological factors does this chapter suggest might substantially influence human aggression? A: The biological factors that might substantially influence human aggression are hormone, testosterone, androgens, and fluctuation. 3.

What have research studies in the field of genetics had to say about possible causes of crime? A: Carlos Fuertes Page 1 Research studies in the field of genetics have shown that genes are the major determining factor in human behavior. Therefore, researchers believe that criminal behavior is mostly inherited. 5. What are some of the constitutional factors that this chapter identifies as link to criminality? A: Some of the constitutional factors that this chapter identifies as link to criminality include the following: Age Gender Body type Intelligence Personality Carlos Fuertes Page 2

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