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Curtain University Project Time Management 641 semester 2, 2013 Faculty of Humanities Department of Construction Management Assignment 1 Creating a Project Schedule Student Name: Student Number: Email Address: Date Submitted: Lecturer: Word Count: By submitting this assignment, I declare that I have retained a suitable copy of this assignment, have not previously submitted this work for For example, in our vacation, my whole family cannot go to holiday trip if our leaves are not approved. Likewise without VISA stamped in our passport, we cannot travel to Vietnam to meet my friend. Mandatory dependency is one that “must be” carried out at a particular time. Discretionary dependencies, or soft logic, are restrictions outlined by the project manager or team members. This dependency enables to start a successor even if its predecessor is still incomplete. The decisions to start or delay are usually based pony best practices, business knowledge, etc.

It could occur based on two factors. (PM Per Cast 2013) First, if there are multiple methods of doing an activity, the project manager should choose the best method. For example in our vacation scheduling, we had many options to choose the cities and duration to stay. So, it was possible to alter few cities and its duration in next altered scheduling according to my and my family’s need. Secondly, if there are many activity sequences, you can pick the one most desirable for achieving the project’s objective. For example; there were many activities that could be performed in anyone of the cities.

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Since, objective was to have good times with family so, I also included fun park, cooking classes and shopping rather than Just visiting landmarks. Many people pay for vacations using a credit card. But if payments are not in time, it could end up paying a lot more for your fun. So setting a target savings goal for vacation is a good way for funding. It gives a good idea of how much it can be afforded to spend. So making categories for each of the different costs to pay is a DOD way which includes Total vacation cost Transportation $ 22,800. 0 Total fund allocated= $9,450. 00 (41. 44%) Cost for Transportation is the maximum expenditure of the vacation. Since it the direct cost, we could not cut down the activities but surely can trim the cost by getting maximum discount as much as possible Accommodation Total fund allocated-$2,420. 00 (10. 6%) A minimum of fund is allocated for the accommodation because the trip was all about the traveling and outdoor activities. Accommodation is only for the luggage ND for resting but surely security cannot be compromised.

Food, Entertainment & travel :Total fund allocated=$5,070. O (22. 6%) A reasonable amount of fund is given to travel, since it is the core of the vacation objective. Shopping Total fund allocated (17. 9%) Significant amount of money is put aside for shopping for the preparation to travel and especially for the souvenir’s from the places visited. Other indirect cost : Indirect cost took about 7% ( $1760. 00) of the total cost. It included the consulting with the guide with travels and tours leave applications and

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