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Each county court Judges must a registered voter of the specified county that are requesting office of and a member of the Florida Bar for five years; however districts with an inhabitants of 40,000 or less the errors is only required to be a member of the Florida Bar. According to “Florida State Courts” (n. D. ), ” County Judges are eligible for assignment to circuit court, and they are frequently assigned as such within the Judicial circuit that embraces their Each county court Judge will serve a six-year term in counties” (Organization). Office and will adhered to all punitive ethics not only of the county they are responsible for but also the Judicial Qualification Commission, along with other court officers. County Court Judges cases will encounter cases such as misdemeanors, mall claims up to $5,000, civil cases up to and including $1 5,000, and traffic cases First Judicial Circuit of Florida The 1st Judicial Circuit is consist of four districts; Cambial, Saloons, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties. Within each circuit is a Chief Judge who is in charge for the supervision of the courts.

According to “First Judicial Circuit of Florida” (2011),”The circuit court is Florist’s trial court of general Jurisdiction. Each of the state’s 20 judicial circuits incorporates one or more counties. ” (Overview). In Florida the circuit routs have limited original Jurisdiction dealing with the following cases that surpasses $1 5,000, special interest and expenditures; estate settlements, parental custodies; patent hospitalizing; disability strength of mind; and cases dealing with court confirmation.

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In circuit courts dealing with criminal cases, the circuit court has original Jurisdiction in all felonies and misdemeanors cases from the identical By Breathlessly dealing with legitimacy of tax calculation, actions dealing property titles and borders or proprietorship of actual assets and other proceedings that are not heard in county rout. In family cases dealing with divorce, guardianship, spousal visits, family altercations, and adolescent addiction cases will be in circuit court. Appeals from the county court are handled by the circuit courts with the exception of those cases they may go to the district court of appeals.

There are a total of twelve circuit Judges amongst the four counties. District Courts of Appeals All trial court case that was appealed was never heard by the Supreme Court, but they were look over by a three-judge panel of the district courts of appeal. Florida did not establish a district court of appeals until 1957. The State Constitution states that the Legislature must divide the State into appellate court districts along with the establishment of district court of appeals (DACCA) to service each of the five districts.

The five district headquarters are located at Daytona Beach, Alkaline, Miami, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach. District Court of Appeals must adhere to the same eligibility requirements when they are selected to office and must adherence of the same ethic requirements for self-control and impeachment as the Justices of the Supreme Court. DACCA Judge’s term is six years and is entitled for consecutive terms ender merit retaining election in their perspective districts.

Each district court has a chief Judge who is elected to the position by the district court Judges within their perspective districts. The Chief Judge is responsible for organizational responsibilities of the court of law. According to “Florida State Courts” (n. D. ),”The district courts of appeal can hear appeals from final Judgments and can review certain non-final orders. By general law, the district courts have been granted the power to review final actions taken by state agencies in carrying out the duties of the executive branch of government” Rustication).

The district courts of Florida have been sanctioned legal power to issue the following; habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, quo warrants, and writs of certiorari along with other injunctions essential to the complete use within their Jurisdiction. Supreme Court of Florida Identified as the highest Court in the state of Florida, the Supreme Court is comprised of seven Justices. A minimum of five Justices must take part in every case with a minimum of four agree on the final decision.

Official headquarters of the Supreme Court is located in Tallahassee, Florida. To hold the office of Justice, an individual must be a legal resident and recorded voter in the state of Florida and have been practicing Florida Law for 10 years. Prior to 1970, All Florida Judges were elected by the people with the exception of when a vacancy occurred between elections, the Governor would appoint a replacement until the next elections would After 1971, the Governor reformed the system by establishing a system occur. Called “merit selection. Under this program, the Governor speaks of a Court position to a panel which recommends potential Judges. The Governor would then select the edge from the list of names. Although leadership felt more changes had to be made to the selection process, it was until 1976 when the Florida voters amended the Constitutions to establish a “merit retention” program. By creating this program it would halt any problems created by Judges running for office on a ballot. The highest position on the Florida Supreme Court system is the Chief Justice.

This two years by the Justices. The Chief Justice will preside over all proceedings of the Court. If he or she is unavailable then the senior ranking Justice will become the acting Chief Justice during the proceedings. The duties of the Chief Justice, of the judicial branch of government, the Chief Just will assign Justices and Judges to perform their duties including former Justice and Judges that are required temporary when needed. Also the Chief Justice oversees as well as entitles another Just to preside over prosecution cases in the Senate.

Finally, an additional duty of the Chief Justice is to perform the executive tasks by the State Court Commissioner and an Inspector General. The Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction is established by the State Constitution with some flexibility which Government could adjust based on certain acts of the cases. It is the responsibility of the Supreme Court to review all final orders that commanding death sentence, district court decisions declaring State law or establishment of the State Constitution to be unacceptable, the validation of bonds and orders of the Community Service Directive on utility rates and services.

According to “Florida Supreme Court” (n. D. ),”The Supreme Court may review certain categories of Judgments, decisions, and questions of law certified to it by the district courts of appeal and federal appellate courts” Rustication The Supreme Court also has legitimate summonses to pursue all cases necessary to the complete implementation of its powers. References Florida State Courts. (n. D. ).

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